The Apple ID web section receives a redesign

Web Apple ID

Apple’s website is changing its appearance constantly, this is accentuated in each of the releases that we have had these weeks and without these releases. And it is that no matter how little the official website of the firm changes in general at a glance, we do find quite a few differences in each of the occasions that it is closed for launches or even without them.

Changes are always interesting and more in this case than it is about improve the appearance of a web section which is true not everyone uses. I even dare to say that there are many users who do not even know it exists. In this sense, we can say that having access from our Mac, iPhone, iPad to the Apple ID makes this web section remain somewhat on the sidelines but that when we need it we have a good user experience.

The Apple ID web section is completely redesigned

For this reason, Apple has just launched a redesign of the web section in which we find all the information and private data of our Apple ID. The ID of each user is personal and non-transferable, It has to be protected with a powerful password and it is that in it we store all our data along with information from iCloud and others.

On this occasion the redesign of the web section we believe it favors you. Everything it is much clearer, with individual sections and a menu on the left in which we find each of the options that we have available to edit. From our password, bank card details, address, etc. A quite interesting change in the design that we can say was great.

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