The Apple M2 chip could see the light at WWDC 2022

It could be said that we carry waiting for the arrival of Apple’s M2 SoC more or less from the same moment in which the M1 saw the light. And beware, this is not a criticism of the first representative of the Apple Silicon family, far from it. Quite the contrary, Apple’s debut with ARM left many of us speechless, and its evolutions within the same generation have done the same, something that has given rise to enormous expectations regarding its successor, the M2.

At first, most of the bets indicated that the debut of this new SoC would take place hand in hand with the still awaited Mac Pro with Apple Silicon, which will not only mark the end of the relationship between Apple and Intel, but also thea confirmation that the proper use of the ARM architecture can give much more than most thought just two years ago. And yet, it seems that the Apple M2 could arrive before the Cupertino workstation does.

That is what Mark Gurman, a well-known and renowned analyst specialized in Apple, affirms and, according to what we can read in Gizchina, points out that the M2 could debut in a MacBook Air that would be presented at WWDC 2022. Something that would be quite consistent, because let’s remember that one of the first Apple computers with the M1 chip was the MacBook Air presented in November 2020, a team that aroused enormous interest and that, from the first moment, received very positive reviews.

The technical details about the Apple M2 remain, to this day, mostly unknown. Obviously we expect a more than appreciable jump in performance, firstly because of the height that the M1 family has left the pavilion, and secondly because it is the same thing that the company has been doing for years with its A-series SoCs, that is, those used by both the iPhone and some iPad models. Of course, this time the challenge is more complex, so we will have to see what the company’s engineers have been able to do.

So it looks like finally this WWDC 2022 could be more interesting than it seemed just a few weeks ago in terms of hardwarefirstly because of this hypothetical debut of the second generation of Apple SoCs with the M2, and secondly because, as we told you yesterday, it also seems likely that it will be the moment chosen by those from Cupertino to present realityOS and, therefore, to talk to us for the first time of its entry into the augmented reality and virtual reality markets.

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