The Apple online store is now closed to receive changes after the Unleashed event

Online store closed

The Apple online store has been closed for a few minutes to receive the pertinent changes once the Apple event ends. Today from 7:00 p.m. in our country we will be able to see the news in Macs and possibly the new third-generation AirPods. Apple closes the online store to start with the changes hours before the event starts, this is something already traditional at Apple when there are events or presentations.

The online store will open with the news once the event ends

As with the presentations of the iPhone or the rest of the firm’s devices, once the Mac event is over, Apple will open the stores again with the changes already implemented. We are eager to see the news that they present today and Every hour that passes increases the «hype» to see what they will present to us.

At the moment the stores to buy products are closed. Today is a special day for many of us so enjoy the experience and try to be punctual when accessing the web to choose the model you want, since surely they will not have much product stock as happened with the Apple Watch or previously with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. Another issue is the specifications and price of these new MacBook And it is that when there are a few hours left for the start of the reservations, we still do not have any rumor or clear leak about what they are going to present to us today.

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