The Apple TV + series for all humanity, could have a fourth season

For all humanity it is one of those series that is not happening with much glory on Apple TV + but it is not being anonymous either. There it is enduring in time against all the elements and that means that both users and critics are convinced a lot. We could see shortly how it starts the fourth season of this series. At least that’s how it is stated in the field of rumors.

For all humanity, this series that deals with what could have happened if the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union had continued, has captivated audiences and critics during the three seasons of which the series is composed. Two reals and the third filming right now and that would take us safely to Mars. This second season cost it to be released, due to several inconveniences but above all to the happy Coronavirus pandemic. But nevertheless, It is already on the screens and we can say that it is being a success.

From what is being said, it is more than likely that a fourth season will begin and it is not surprising, because at the time there was talk of the possibility that this series had at least 7 seasons. Material had according to its authors, now, the question is whether it would be endorsed by viewers and it seems so.

Information on that fourth season comes from the Writers Guild of America. A number of people are listed who will continue to work on the series until this new season. As for when we can expect to see season 4 in store for all of humanity, we have to wait a bit. With season three scheduled for mid-2022, it’s safe to say that 2023 is the earliest we could hope for season four.

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