The Apple TV + series that sweep the Daytime Emmy

Not one, not two, not three … Up to 19 are the nominations that Apple has received in the Daytime Emmy 2021 that are already in their 48th edition. Although it is true that these are awards with less focus than the classic Emmy, they are still relevant because they reward content that traditionally was broadcast on American television during the day and to which content from streaming platforms are now added could be cataloged for all ages. We review below which are those Apple TV + contents that could win a prize in the ceremonies of the next days July 17 and 18.

Apple’s 19 Daytime nominations

We start with the children’s series Little Zen Stories, also known by its original name Stillwater and in which little stories and fables are told so that the little ones can have fun learning. It has a total of 4 nominations in these Daytime Emmy in the following categories:

  • Best Animated Series for Preschoolers
  • Featured Writers in an Animated Preschool Show
  • Featured Directing in an Animated Preschool Show
  • Featured Editing in an Animated Preschool Show

Also The Ghost Writer (Ghostwriter) has a few nominations. In this case we find a series that, without losing focus on childhood, raises the age target by offering the adventures of a group of children who have to solve certain mysteries to return well-known characters from literature to their books after having come to life. It is also a remake of a series from the 90s. It has received both individual and collective nominations.

  • Best Young Actor in Daytime Fiction: Isaac Arellanes
  • Featured Writers for a Daytime Fiction Show
  • Featured Direction for a Daytime Fiction Show
  • Featured Photography

We Are Here: Notes for Living on Planet Earth is a short film also known by its original name, Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth. It is based on a children’s best seller and helps the little ones get fully into the wonders of our planet. It has also received 4 nominations in these categories:

  • Animated program diruno with special lesson
  • Featured Direction for an Animated Daytime Show
  • Featured edit for a daytime show
  • Featured sound editing and mixing for a daytime show

The also childish Helpsters Its protagonists are some puppets in the purest Sesame Street style and with guest stars in each episode. It has also been highlighted in these nominations for the following two categories:

  • Featured Show in a Children’s Program: Derek Gaines
  • Prominent address in a preschool, infant, or family program
  • Multiple camera editing
  • Short children’s program (for the special “Helpsters Help You”)

There has also been space to include the documentary series El Mundo en Moto: Rumbo Norte, also known as Long Way Up and in which Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman travel through several European and African countries on a motorcycle trip from Scotland to South Africa.

  • Featured travel, adventure and nature program
  • Multiple camera editing
  • Sound mixing and editing

As you have seen, various Apple content will dispute with each other some of the awards, although there are also programs and series from other platforms or television channels that are nominated. You can check the complete list on the official website of the Daytime Emmy.

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