The Apple TV + share is 3% when it is about to turn 2 years old

Apple TV + market share

As the second anniversary of Apple TV +, the new streaming market share figures shared by JustWatch place it far behind Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney +. According to figures from JustWatch, Apple TV + only has a 3% market share.

Figures compiled by JustWatch place Netflix topping the rankings with 28% market share in the second quarter of 2021. Amazon Prime Video ranks second, with 20%, while Disney + has 14%. From there we find HBO Max with 9%, Peacok (NBCUniversal) with 4% and Apple TV + closes the ranking with 3% market share.

Although Apple TV + has hit the nail on the head with some series like Ted Lasso, which has won a large number of awards, nevertheless it is still a platform that seems to be fighting for find a place in a world in which the big three dominate by far. Although Disney + is relatively new to the market, the sheer size of its catalog and the impressive properties it has meant that it was always going to be popular.

Apple’s strategy of only relying on own production is very risky. Despite the fact that during the presentation he stated that Apple TV + would be characterized by quality rather than quantity, the reality has been very different.

No one denies that the quality of the series available on Apple TV + is good, however, except for Ted Lasso practically none of the major productions that Apple has bet on since day one (The Morning Show, For All Humanity and See), has reaped the awards that Apple hoped for.

An example of the importance of the catalog fund can be found on Disney +, a platform that hit the market a few days after Apple TV + but has already exceeded 100 million subscribers, mainly due to its catalog background.

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