The Apple Watch continues to reap successes and becomes the watch most desired by young people

It is not something new to say that the Apple Watch is one of the most desired watches by the young and not so young. On this occasion, a survey conducted by Piper Sandler shows that young people with the highest purchasing power in the United States I would buy an Apple Watch sooner than a Rolex.

And it is that the figures are there and 35% of the young people surveyed have an Apple Watch in their possession at this time, exceeding the figures for the same period of the previous year by 5%. The important thing is not that they use a Rolex or not, the important thing here is that the sales of the latter as well as that of other watchmaking firms continue to decline due to the arrival of these smart watches such as the Apple Watch.

A Rolex is an investment, an Apple Watch is anything else but an investment

And it is that obviously the purchase of a Rolex today is a kind of investment in the future to take advantage of what they cost. This occurs with many more watch brands but it is the opposite of what can happen with the Apple Watch, a device designed for day-to-day use, allowing control of physical activity, receiving notifications and making calls, etc. In this sense, the Apple Watch is anything but an investment. since it is a technological piece and the wear of its components is very different from what a Rolex can have, for example.

In addition, 87% of adolescents own an iPhone in the United States and 88% expect an iPhone to be their next device. Apple is the number one watch brand for the first time in America and outperforms the rest of the brands in total numbers. On the MacRumors website they echo the news.

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