The Apple Watch Pro will be aimed at athletes, will debut a new design

A couple of weeks ago we told you that the Apple Watch Pro was going to become the next star wearable from the apple company. This smart watch is conceived as a professional product, and therefore it is said that it will be aimed mainly at athletes and elite athletes. Obviously, this does not mean that an amateur athlete will not be able to buy the Apple Watch Pro, but it does suggest that he may not be able to get the most out of it.

Thanks to new information shared by Bloomberg, we have new interesting details that are worth considering. Rumors continue indicating that the Apple Watch Pro will have a 2 inch screenand that the increase in screen compared to the standard model will be used to show a greater number of metrics related to sports performance, although we are not very clear in what way.

The Apple Watch Pro will also have a larger battery and a reinforced design, which means it will be able to offer a greater autonomy and that it will be able to survive even to the toughest sporting activities. In theory, we can use this smart watch for several days without having to charge it, although in the end the real autonomy will depend on the use we make of it, as is the case with any device that uses a battery.

Bloomberg has also indicated that the Apple Watch Pro could be quite bigger than the standard model, and that this could have important consequences when it comes to attracting certain user profiles. Thus, those with a thin wrist and/or small hands might feel little or no attraction to a large smartwatch.

On the other hand, it is also said that the Apple Watch Pro could release a completely new design. With this I do not mean that we are going to see it with a circular sphere, in fact this seems very unlikely to me, but rather that it will use a redesign of the rectangular sphere that the company with the bitten apple has been maintaining in its well-known smart watch, probably with a flatter finish.

The Cupertino giant is expected to present the Apple Watch Pro in September of this year, taking advantage of the event dedicated to the iPhone 14. This new smart watch will use a titanium dial, which will give it a clearly premium touch, it will have the same SoC as the Apple Watch 8 and will have a approximate price of 899-999 dollars.

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