The Apple Watch Series 3 could stop selling this year

Apple Watch Series 3

As we all know, the Apple Watch has several models available in the official Apple store, these models include the Apple Watch Series 3. This model that was launched in 2017 and added LTE connectivity as the main novelty could officially stop selling this year.

Obviously this is a rumor that is launched from unofficial sources of the company, Apple will not say until the same day that this happens that the watch is no longer sold. In any case, everything seems to indicate that the Series 3 watches could be left out of the list of official sales devices. after the presentation of the next model of Apple Watch Series 8 which will take place this year.

The new software would have an important role in the departure of the Apple Watch Series 3

Everything indicates that the new operating system watchOS 9 could be the main culprit or the main problem to put it in some way, of the disappearance of this model in the Apple product catalog. Obviously, as Ming Chi-Kuo himself comments, in his latest report, the Cupertino firm would already have in mind the elimination of this model during the third quarter of this year 2022.

Undoubtedly this device that has already given enough of itself after all these years in the market receiving updates and being one of the input models of users to the Apple Watch along with the SE. For now, the S3 chip that this Series 3 model has continues to hold up very well to the versions released by Apple, possibly the next one will no longer be able to do it… Or maybe it will!

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