The Apple Watch Series 6 is in short supply in the Apple Store before the imminent launch of the Series 7

In the image on the cover you can see what is currently happening if you want to buy a Apple Watch Series 6 in the Spanish online Apple Store. Of the most common combinations of aluminum finish and the most popular colored straps, there is no longer stock, nor the possibility of future delivery.

If we take into account that the new Series 7 is going to replace the current Series 6, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to suspect that the new series of Apple Watch presented at the event «California Streaming” Is falling.

A moment ago I tried to buy an Apple Watch Series 6 in the Spanish online Apple Store, and the most common combinations of case and strap they are sold out, and no shipping date. Orders are not allowed.

And it is not a specific problem in our country. It is happening in most of the Apple Online Stores on the planet. This means without a doubt that the new series 7 of the Apple Watch that replaces the current Series 6, is about to start your marketing.

Apple revealed some of the details of the next Apple Watch Series 7 at the launch event of the new iPhone 13 last September, and although the company did not announce a specific date of launch to the market, it did indicate that the seventh Apple Watch generation would go on sale in autumn.

It is very likely that the fact that a current model is no longer available in the Apple Store means that its successor is already on the way. At the end of August 2020, some models of the Apple Watch were sold out, without restocking, and then Apple announced the Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE Two weeks later.

So if you are thinking of buying an Apple Watch, the best thing is that you wait a few days and so you can buy the new one Series 7. Unless you find a good Series 6 deal and can take advantage of it. Overall, this year the difference between one and the other is not much.

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