The Apple Watch Series 7 charger is made of aluminum instead of plastic

There are barely a couple of days left until the first models of the Apple Watch Series 7 reach the users who were the fastest to reserve. Considering that right now if you want a watch, you will have to wait until the middle of November, more or less. On the one hand, having to wait so long helps to know if the models that arrive first work as they should but on the other, it takes longer to release it. In the absence of real tests, we are already learning significant details such as that Apple Apple Watch Series 7 charger material has changed.

In the absence of little to be able to see the first Apple Watch in the hands of its users or rather, on their wrists, we are learning significant news about this new model. How did he discover it? Italian YouTuber iMatteo, the new charging disc for the Apple Watch Series 7 it is made of aluminum instead of plastic. Not only that, but it now comes with a USB-C connector and not USB-A.

As he pointed out in his presentation last month, the new Apple Watch has an even faster fast charge than previous models and for that it was necessary to make some adjustments. That is why the charging disc has a new aluminum outer rim, which better conducts electricity and magnetic charge to the watch.

Recall that Apple claims that the Apple Watch Series 7 can be charged 33% faster thanks to the new cable and promises an 80% battery in 45 minutes of charge. Of course, users need Apple’s 20W power brick that comes with the iPad Air, iPad Pro, or HomePod mini to take advantage of fast charging. Which, as we well know, is not included in the box. Something that would give for a good conversation with the one who had this idea.

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