The Apple Watch Series 8 could come in three different sizes

As the month of September approaches, the rumors about the new devices that the Cupertino company will foreseeably present do not stop coming to light. One of them is the Apple Watch Series 8, about which the latest rumors indicate that it could have a great novelty in the form of a new larger size. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

Three sizes for the Apple Watch Series 8

The launch in September 2021 of the Apple Watch Series 7 left many users cold who expected a much more significant change in the Apple watch, well, beware that with the Series 8 all those changes and more could come from swipe to perform a facelift on the Apple Watch. It has been the analyst Jeff Pu who has mentioned that the Apple provider Luxshare will be the only one that can provide it to the Cupertino company a 2-inch Apple Watch displaywhich would be equivalent to a 47mm case.

In this way, several scenarios can be glimpsed for the launch of the Apple Watch Series 8. The most likely, given the rumors that we have heard, is that this model has 3 different sizes, something that would completely break with the line that Apple has followed since it launched the first generation Apple Watch, where there has always been a small model, first 38vmm, then 40mm and later 41mm, and a large model, first 42 mm, then 44 mm and later 45 mm. With this movement, the Apple Watch Series 8 would be available in 41mm, 45mm and 47mmputting up to 3 different box sizes on the table so that users can choose the one that best suits their needs.

However, another of the theories that can be considered is that, result of design change that predictably could also reach this Series 8, the screen of the large model, which is currently 45 mm, can be used more and hence it becomes a 47 mm one, this being an increase of 5%.

Certainly in case Apple has decided to introduce a 47mm screen in a new Apple Watch model sow many doubts given the size that this device will have, since for many users the 45 mm model is already large. However, we assume that Apple, having considered the launch of this new size of Apple Watch, will be because it has detected that there is a target audience that demands a larger size for their wrists.

Apple Watch

What is clear is that the Apple Watch Series 8 is going to give a lot to talk about, both for better and for worse since there are many rumors that have been coming out in recent weeks about the changes and news that this new apple device could bring. Of course, let’s hope it doesn’t happen like with the Apple Watch Series 7, which promised them very happily and then the evolution with respect to the Series 6 was practically negligible.

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