The arrival of TestFlight to macOS is imminent

Apple announced during WWDC 2021 that the company will bring TestFlight to the Mac, thus confirming a rumor that has been around for a while. The platform, which is currently available on iOS and tvOS, allows developers to Easily offer beta versions of your apps to users outside of the App Store.

According to 9to5Mac, the launch of TestFlight for macOS is imminent. Several developers have confirmed to 9to5Mac that they have already been able to send macOS applications built with Xcode 13 beta to App Store Connect, an impossible mission before since macOS Monterey it is not available yet and there is no TestFlight for Mac either.

9to5Mac has been able to confirm not only that it is now possible to send applications with Xcode 13 beta to App Store Connect, but also that developers they can prepare them for TestFlight. The TestFlight option now appears for macOS applications on App Store Connect, a platform used by developers to manage all their applications submitted to Apple.

Once the developer invites a user to download a beta app for macOS, user receives an email from Apple with a link to install the Mac version of TestFlight. However, at this time, the link currently redirects to the main page of Apple’s developer portal, suggesting that Apple is still working to make it available.

Users invited to test a macOS beta app can also view the app in the iOS version of TestFlight. The beta app details confirm that user needs a Mac instead of an iOS device to install that app.

Apple has never confirmed when it plans to release TestFlight for macOS officially, but all this suggests that the app could be coming to Mac developers very soon. So far, Apple has not released updates for macOS Monterey or Xcode 13 beta since August 11, which could indicate that it is preparing to launch a version with TestFlight.

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