The arrival of the internet in the classroom represents a great opportunity for SMEs

Although the arrival of the Internet in the classroom began a few years ago, there are still many educational centers that continue to dealing with lack of digitization. This, far from being a problem, represents a business opportunity for SMEs in the IT sector, especially those dedicated to networks.

Beyond facilitating distance educationInternet favors communication between members of the school community, enriching training, and offers greater access to information thanks to the expansion of student knowledge, as indicated by our colleagues at MuyCanal.

Although the implementation of WiFi networks In educational centers it has also encountered obstacles, especially related to cybersecurity and access to inappropriate content, the truth is that it is an upward trend.

Business opportunities for SMEs

From DLink they launch this free eBook, where they explain how deploy secure computer networks in schools, schools, academies and other educational centers with access control, web/app filtering, student/teacher network segmentation and high performance.

The training of the students in digital skills It is already indispensable in all educational programs. If you have a tablet, computer and digital whiteboard business, you already know that the educational market can become an interesting client.

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On the other hand, to successfully address the digitization of classrooms, it is necessary to ensure connection speed in classrooms with a high density of devices and also to manage the network so that it is secure at the level of which web pages and apps are accessible to students. SMEs that offer network services, cybersecurity or Wi-Fi facilities they should also address this market segment, where there is an increasingly pressing need.

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