The Atalante exoskeleton seduces French hospitals

Several hospitals in Ile-de-France will use the Atalante exoskeleton, designed by the French company Wandercraft. This exoskeleton will be used by patients in rehabilitation.

The Atalante exoskeleton developed by the pioneer of dynamic walking robotics Wandercraft has won over three French hospitals: the AP-HP Rothschild (Paris), the AP-HP Raymond-Poincarré (Garches) as well as the Trois Soleils clinic ( Boissise-Le-Roi). This device will be used by physical medicine and rehabilitation teams.

A hands-free exoskeleton

Atalante is autonomous, it can be used without a crutch or a walker. These assets are of particular interest to medical teams because the exoskeleton frees the upper part of the patient’s body. It is thus possible to imagine new therapeutic approaches by integrating the use of hands during rehabilitation sessions.

At Rothschild, there are even plans to extend the use of Atalante to patients with pathologies such as multiple sclerosis, or adult neuropathies or myopathies. At Raymond-Poincarré hospital, the exoskeleton will be used for patients suffering from acute brain injury or spinal cord injury.

As for the Trois Soleils rehabilitation center specializing in the management of musculoskeletal and nervous system ailments, Atalante will allow patients to relearn hands-free locomotion while reducing the effort of therapists.

The self-balancing exoskeleton relies on robotic and artificial intelligence technologies to simulate human walking. It is suitable for patients with complete and incomplete paraplegia or hemiplegia. Each phase of the treatment can also be optimized for rehabilitation, active and early verticalization, mobilization of the trunk and upper limbs, as well as to treat comorbidities linked to a sedentary lifestyle in a wheelchair.

Wandercraft is also working on a personal version of the exoskeleton, to allow people with reduced mobility to regain mobility in everyday life.

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