The AyaNeo OLED handheld console will arrive with a Ryzen APU but without RDNA2

Although we already had some previous devices, after the recent launch of the Steam Deck, it seems that this market halfway between compact computers and portable consoles is experiencing a new boom, with the arrival of new devices such as the AyaNeo OLEDa smaller, slimmer and lighter version of the AyaNeo NEXT introduced earlier this year.

And it is that after the first rumors that pointed to a larger console, it seems that the latest information shared by the first media to have been able to test this consoleamong which include some pictures of it and the initial specifications point to a slightly lower range than initially expected.

Thus, the AyaNeo OLED will be built on a smaller body that will remain in weighing less than 500 grams. Although this will not remove so that, as its name already advanced, we find ourselves with a screen equipped with a 6-inch OLED panel and a resolution up to 1080p.

Unfortunately, although the company has finally confirmed on its official Discord channel that the console will make use of an APU within the Ryzen 5000 seriesthis implies that the new portable console will not have RDNA2 graphicsfalling short against its predecessor and Valve’s Steam Deck.

In the absence of a confirmation, the rumors now focus on the possible processor that could equip the AyaNeo OLED. And it is that starting from the recently revealed size of this portable console, we could find ourselves with a limitation of 12W, which would imply the possibility of using a Ryzen 3 5400U or 5425U processors, thus remaining below the OneXPlayer Mini. In this way, it could be confirmed that the new console would arrive with the use of an APU based on the Zen3 microarchitecture and AMD Vega graphics. Something that confirms us the twitterer JamesCJwho has already had access to a first test version of this console, sharing some additional images about how it works in some games.

And it is that the AyaNeo OLED would be scheduled to be announced during the next month of May. AyaNeo has previously confirmed that it will launch a Ryzen 6000 console this year, but obviously it wasn’t expected so soon. In terms of pricing, AyaNeo OLED should be more affordable than AyaNeo Next, but it certainly won’t be as cheap as Steam Deck. Therefore, Valve’s console will remain the only device of its kind available for less than $400 USD and with RDNA2 graphics.

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