The Basques, Ironchip and Open Cloud Factory, come together to fight against cybercrime

Two of the main Spanish companies specialized in the battle against cybercrime, Ironchip and Open Cloud Factory, have announced a strategic alliance to reduce the European market deficit in cybersecurity.

The objective of the two organizations, originally from the Basque Country, is to work on the development of innovative security solutions and adaptable to new business models that drive digital transformation.

The two companies, which are founding members of the Association of Basque Cybersecurity Companies Cybasque, and former students of SPRI’s accelerator of industrial startups Bind 4.0, have sealed this technological alliance aware of the need for security solutions to be able to operate in a joint, fit and be compatible with each other, to be able to face current challenges.

The European Union is a net importer in cybersecurity, while its main competitors, the United States, China, India and Japan, are exporters. In other words, the European market buys more cybersecurity than it sells, a worrying fact if you want to work in a truly competitive Single Digital Market.

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This context has been a decisive driver of the alliance between the two deep tech manufacturers, which to the more than demonstrated innovation of their security solutions, adds a clear commitment to collaboration between developers, with which it makes its way into the current ecosystem to a new scenario that allows promoting the development of new products and solutions.

Market demand

According to Albert Estrada, CEO and founder of Open Cloud Factory, “Opening up to new opportunities is part of our DNA, and it is an obligation for security providers that technology becomes a business enabler and not another obstacle”. The CEO celebrates this partnership with Ironchip because it is something that “It was born organically from market demand”.

The company that Estrada runs, Open Cloud Factory, is a European manufacturer of cybersecurity solutions whose objective is to increase security network of companies with a holistic IT / OT approach. Headquartered in Baracaldo and backed by recognition by the international market, the company has highly relevant clients within its sector, such as CaixaBank, Banco Santander or ArcelorMittal.

Julen Martínez, CEO of Ironchip, adds that “We are facing a time when security flaws are jeopardizing the proper functioning of many companies. The need to bet on adding value and providing greater stability in the daily use of the most critical systems is evident. Without a doubt, with this alliance with Open Cloud Factory we find that objective of being able to incorporate cybersecurity in the culture of companies in a simple and effective way, solving existing problems “.

His company, Ironchip, is a deep tech startup from Bizkaia with a new and unique technology for secure location by waves, which provides a new defense approach to current cybersecurity problems, both actively and passively. The young startup with only four years of life already has a long history of recognitions, such as the recent Entrepreneur XXI Awards granted by CaixaBank, as well as having validated technology with important entities, such as Batz, Elecnor, Abanca or Renfe.

In short, the new technological alliance between Ironchip and Open Cloud Factory is a new precision step for both companies, the fruits of which will be reflected in the remaining months of 2021 and during the next year, where the benefits for the security strategy of the companies that the union of both companies entails can be clearly observed.

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