The Batman, the return of the tormented superhero

He took a turn and rewrote much of what was there to focus more on the Batman skills as an investigator. Hence, after progressive interviews, they began to connect the dots with the work of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, Batman: The Long Halloween, which could have inspired much of what we will see when it hits theaters.

The batman: Trailer and release date

The new film of which for many is the star character of DC will be titled The batman and we already have the first official trailer. In it you can see in a little more detail everything that this particular vision of a director who has inspired by 1950s detective movies and the film noir.

Still, beyond aesthetics, the new film also wants to show the dark knight as a great detective and not so much as an action character. But before we get into the movie, director, actors, and more, let’s take a look at the trailer.

Official Trailer of The batman

Official Trailer of The batman (VOSE)

The first official trailer of The batman It’s pretty short, barely three minutes long, but it still shows quite a few interesting details. The first and most striking is the aesthetic section, which is even reminiscent of what was seen in other productions such as Blade Runner.

Of course, not only the city of Gotham attracts attention, but also the appearance of the main characters. From Batman to Enigma, The Penguin or Catwoman herself have that point so in line with the aesthetic that is sought.

So if you feel like seeing the premiere of The batman, you’re not alone. Many are those who wish for the March 4, 2022, because that will be the day the film is released in theaters.

Matt Reeves, the director

As we have said before, Ben Affleck was going to be the original director of the film, but when he decided to leave the project he had to find a replacement and that was none other than Matt reeves.

The American director had already signed some important works such as the television series Felicity or movies like Cloverfield, Fall of the Planet of the Apes or Let Me In. Therefore, you cannot speak of someone without experience.

The cast of The batman

Together with the director of the new film, there is no doubt that the most important thing is the cast of actors who will give life to each of the main characters of the same. There are many well-known names here, some from previous jobs you may like more or less, but the evolution that most have had should serve to give them a vote of confidence. Although we will always have to wait to see the final result in theaters to be able to give an opinion with criteria.

Robert Pattinson as Batman

The batman

Undoubtedly the main looks are going to be directed at Robert Pattinson. The actor we met from the Twilight saga will get into the role of bat man. A younger version that will explore his beginnings as a night watchman in the still-meeting Gotham City, who will have to deal with his own ghosts and that motivation to do good or at least try without being carried away by anger.

Andy Serkis as Alfred

Andy Serkis will play the one who was always Bruce Wayne’s main support, Alfred. The actor remembered for his portrayal of Gollum in The Lord of the rings will be the one who helps Batman not lose his sanity.

Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordon

Bernard in Westworld or Felix in 007: No Time to Die will be the one who plays Jim Gordon. The Gotham police inspector and main contact with the bat man is going to be very well represented by this actor who has already proven his worth on numerous occasions.

Paul Dano as Enigma

The batman

Paul Dano will be the one who gives life to Enigma and there are high hopes for the role it will have to play. First of all because of the nature of the character, also because of the style he will have in this film compared to previous versions seen in film and television, and finally because he could make a film even bigger than what is expected a lot.

Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman

Daughter of Lisa Bonet and the musician Lenny Kravitz, the actress who will give life Catwoman in the movie of The batman she has played the character in the past, though she only voiced Selina Kyle in the LEGO Batman movie. Even so, you may also remember her from other titles such as Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, X-Men: First Generation, Divergent or Mad Max: Fury Road.

Colin Farrell as The Penguin

There is little to say about Colin Farrell, the actor who has assumed important roles in numerous films will play Oswald Cobblepot. Yes, The Penguin it will come to life thanks to him and it will do so with a somewhat different appearance than what we have seen in other series and movies.

Other actors who will participate in The batman

Along with these, who we could say would be the main actors in this film, there are other actors who could also play important roles to better understand what is happening. These are the following:

  • John turturro will be Carmine Falcone, one of the most important gangsters of Gotham
  • With O’Neill will play boss Mackenzie Bock
  • Alex Ferns will be cop peter savage
  • Jayme lawson will play Bella Real

The batman in the DC Cinematic Universe

Finally, one of the big questions that many DC fans continue to ask themselves today is where it is or how it is located new Batman movie within the DC cinematic universe.

Well, there is no official answer, nor are there any indications that the director or the studio itself has been able to give at some point. It is true that on occasion there was talk of a certain relationship with the film Joker, by Joaquin Phoenix, but it seems that it came to nothing.

However, knowing that within Warner and DC there is no clear plan, as is the case with Marvel and Disney, anything could happen. Here it is assumed that the protagonists themselves and those responsible for the project will have to decide things such as if they want Pattison to be the Batman to replace Ben Affleck or if they will draw a different line.

As a fan of a much more mature, dark and even violent vision, you would surely like to see a future movie where Robert Pattinson and Joaquin Phoenix cross paths, right? Of course, Jared Leto wouldn’t be a bad fit as a future enemy. We will see.

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