The battery of the new MacBooks could be huge

MacBook M1s call for optimism

Last year Apple began Apple’s transition to ARM processors leaving Intel behind. But not using just any ARM chips, but chips designed entirely by them, which not only allows them to have greater control over them at the management level, but this directly affects the product and end user when it comes to optimize all resources, improving performance when carrying out heavy tasks and, yes, when it comes to having greater autonomy.

No more for many having to resort to tricks to save battery in the MacBook, since the ‘Air’ and ‘Pro’ models with an M1 chip are by far the company’s laptops with the best autonomy in recent times. The Californian company has made the processor highly efficient in its consumption and these computers can live away from the charger during an intense working day and, depending on how it is, sometimes even longer.

And this is not exactly a banal issue, since in the end being able to enjoy a long autonomy on the computer is essential for those who do not always have a plug at their disposal. Either by working with them in mobility or other circumstances. Without forgetting how comfortable it is even working at desks, since we can have a much cleaner work area by being free of cables.

2021 models could break the record

The M1X chip It has not yet been officially presented because it will do so at the same time as the 2021 MacBook Pro, but based on the leaks that have been happening we could intuit its improvements. This will be an improved version of the already known M1, which already gives clear signs that the general performance will be better, but it is that in the reports that have been given it has also been suggested that the battery would be one of the most notable points. improvement.

And it is that, in addition to the optimization of resources, the battery of these future (almost immediate) MacBook M1X no longer have to feed the TouchBar, since it will be eliminated from these teams as has been said in all the known rumors to date. We cannot say to what extent the improvement could be noticed, but despite not being the item with the most consumption, it is to be suspected that its elimination will provide a greater release to the battery.

The current MacBook Pros that we talked about at the beginning have a range of up to 20 hours of uninterrupted video playback, according to Apple. And although this measurement is perhaps not the most appropriate because it is a too specific use, it is very useful to get an idea of ​​what they are capable of. Therefore, do not be caught by surprise if with this next generation this figure increases to 22-23 hours.

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