The Beats Fit Pro makes the Powerbeats, Beats Solo Pro and Beats EP disappear from sale

Usually, when a new Apple product launches, we find that the older ones disappear from the window. That has happened, for example, with the 21.5-inch iMac due to the launch of the 24-inch iMac M1 and it has happened with the launch of the new Beats Fit Pro that has managed to remove the previous models of headphones from the sale. In this case the Powerbeats, Beats Solo Pro and Beats EP.

These new headphones specially oriented to sports and whose model was leaked thanks to an artist appearing with it in public, have already been put on sale but for now only in the US. We do not know if they will land in other countries and especially in Spain. Now, regardless, we have to keep in mind that other models of the company have disappeared from sale as has also happened in that country.

We are no longer able to purchase certain Beats models in the US due to the release of this new headset. Therefore, Powerbeats, Beats Solo Pro and Beats EP are already considered as discontinued. They are no longer available on the Apple or Beats website. Apple’s online store redirects user to a list of Beats products when trying to access direct links to Powerbeats, Solo Pro, or EP.

Although they are not models that compete directly with the new Fit Pro, they have been withdrawn from the market. Maybe as some experts say to reduce the existing catalog and that the user has more facility to choose.

According to the Beats website, are still available:

  • Beats Fit Pro
  • Beats Studio buds
  • Beats Flex
  • Powerbeats Pro
  • Beats Solo 3 Wireless
  • Beats Studio 3 wireless

You will have to go to a third party that the discontinued models are still in stock.

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