The Beats Fit Pro released for the US

Beats Fit Pro

Finally, the new Apple headphones from Beats make their official debut on the company’s website. In this case it seems that only available in the United States and is that the shortage of components can continue to give Apple and other technology companies a hard time.

The Beats Fit Pro are now a reality they can be obtained in but not in the web page of our country. This is certainly not a problem for most users of Apple products since Beats have their own market. Xanax bars

Some new sports-oriented Beats

And it is not at all the first Beats model that has a sporty air, for those who like to do physical activity. In this case, the new Beats Fit Pro add several new features that were already leaked a few days ago and that allow these to be one of the most powerful headphones in the world. Beats priced at $ 199. We will see if their price is finally launched in our country, but we do not believe that it will go much higher than that in euros.

Regarding the main specifications of these new Beats we can say that we are facing headphones with powerful bass like the rest of the brand’s models, ambient sound mode, adaptive equalization, spatial audio with head movement tracking, compatibility with «Search» from Apple, with its H1 chip, compatible with «Hey Siri» and in black, pink, gray and white colors.

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