The Beats Flex go up in price in Apple stores

We continue with Beats this morning… These headphones from the Beats firm came on the market last year and they renewed or rather they launched some new colors relatively recently. That is why we have in memory the price of them and that is why we realized like many other means that these they went up from 49.95 euros to 69.95 that they cost now.

The price indicated on Apple’s official website right now is 70 euros. Just yesterday the blogger Pedro Henrique, warned through MacMagazine and is that the price went up for these headphones around the world. At first it seemed that it was solely for the United States. but it finally went up for everyone.

Now the Beats Flex headphones in Canada now cost 89.95 instead of the 69.95 dollars, in Brazil, the price was also readjusted to the rise from 579 to 899 and in our country from 49.95 to 69, 95 euros. In all cases the increase is approximately 20 euros. The bottom screenshot shows the price increase:

Now if we look at the specifications of these Beats Flex we realize that they are still the same as they were before the upload, they have not undergone any update or improvement. The main benefits of these Beats are that they have magnets to be attached to the neck, they have an integrated microphone that reduces the noise caused by the wind when we run or exercise, it has up to 12 hours of autonomy approximately and they add the Apple W1 chip contributing to the whole excellent connectivity.

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