The Beats Studio3 are on sale at half price

There was a time when headphones Beats they were a fetish for lovers of basses and serious sounds. Soccer players and artists from all over the world added these powerful headphones as a complement, becoming a hallmark, and their popularity grew so much that even Apple was interested in them. Today they are part of the Cupertino catalogue, and with offers like this, they can finally be yours.

Quality noise canceling headphones

The Beats are characterized by offering a very striking and elegant design at the same time, with very attractive color combinations and a body that, with very defined lines, hides great potential. And it is that in its interior we will find the chip apple w1a brain that owns the brand that is responsible for improving Bluetooth connectivity, since it is only enough to bring the headphones closer to an iOS device for both to connect and we can start listening to them.

This function is only compatible with iOS, although we can also use the headphones with Android devices and PCs with the traditional connection method or using the official Beats application.

tremendously comfortable


Another feature of these models is that they have quite comfortable pads that allow them to be worn for a long time. This is especially useful considering the 22 hours of playback it offers with active noise cancellation (40 hours without it).

Its integrated microphone will allow you to use it to answer phone calls, and with its integrated controllers you will be able to skip songs, pause it and invoke Siri or the assistant you use on your phone.

How well does noise cancellation work?

Beats Solo Pro

Noise cancellation technology is practically a function that almost all users look for when buying headphones. In the case of Beats Studio3 Wireless It is included, and it is quite effective, however it is not as effective and natural as the one we enjoy in the AirPods Max or the Sony WH-1000XM4.

Still, the overall quality of these headphones is quite good, and considering the price of this offer, it presents itself as a fantastic opportunity if you are looking for quality headphones. 100% compatible with your Apple ecosystem.

The best possible offer

With a 52% discount, the original price of 349.95 euros drops to €169, a figure that is today the lowest at which the Beats Studio3 Wireless have been seen. Taking into account that on the official Apple website they continue to maintain their original price, this promotion is almost irrefutable.

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