The best accessories for your Nintendo Switch Lite

HEYSTOP 5 in 1 case

This cover offers practically the same as the previous one, but it comes with a transparent flexible housing and several other accessories to personalize our console a bit, as well as a screen saver. For its price, the truth is that you can not ask for more.

Hori – Go Pack Messenger Bag

Hori - Across body bag

If you prefer to carry your console on a shoulder bag, this other bag is also very interesting, although it is aimed at a more childish audience than the previous ones. Sold with motifs of Pokémon and Animal Crossing. It is officially licensed by Nintendo and plenty of space for all the accessories you have. Also fits the normal Nintendo Switch.

Storage accessories

As with the standard Nintendo Switch, on the Lite you can play using game cards or by purchasing the titles directly from the Nintendo eShop. If you prefer to have your games in digital format and always available on your console, then you will need a microSD card.

We recommend that you get one of 128 or 256 GB, depending on the number of games you want to buy over the life of the console. Less than 128 GB is not worth the price and more than 256 GB ends up slowing down the loading times of the Nintendo Switch Lite. The console also has a limit when it comes to reading data from the card, so we will not benefit in case we buy a microSD more than 90 MB / s read.

SanDisk microSDXC UHS-I – Nintendo License

Nintendo Switch - Sandisk

This card is the one that Nintendo recommends for your console. It is sold in 64, 128, 256 and 512 GB capacities, the 128 GB model being the one with the highest capacity-price ratio. The cards are personalized with Nintendo franchise motifs.

SanDisk Ultra microSDXC

SanDisk Ultra

This card is a little faster than the previous one, something that our console will not notice. The manufacturer is the same and, despite being practically the same product, the truth is that it is a saving, especially if we choose 256GB cards up.

To customize the console

Although the Lite is not as customizable as the standard Nintendo Switch, there are numerouss accessories designed to enhance our experience game or even change the visual appearance of the laptop.

HEYSTOP Housing with Grip


With this accessory, which is also very economical, you will not only protect the console, but you will also be able to place your hands in a more comfortable way on the triggers. Is available in five different colors, and brings numerous advantages. The first is that it works like a case, so it will absorb shock if we drop the Lite to the ground. Second, it has a Ergonomic design, which allows you to grip the console like a traditional remote control. It also has a screen saver and a few button protectors to have more precision on the joysticks and that they do not slip with the sweat of the fingers. It is a very complete product.

Orzly Comfort Grip Case

rzly Comfort Grip

This accessory is very similar to the previous one, although with a touch much rubberier. Is available in seven colors different. It also allows you to customize the color of the crosshairs, although it does not come with a screen protector.

Satisfye ZenGrip Go (Lite)

satisfy switch lite

If you spend many hours playing the console and you end up feeling pain in your hands, there is an accessory for you. The Zengrip is a structure in which you will be able to fit the console with total security so that your hands are in a position more comfortable when accessing the buttons. Many media specialized in videogames consider that this product is outstanding, although it is not especially cheaply priced.

Best sound accessories

This is a classic. You want to play at full volume, but your family members tell you to stop bothering and turn down the sound. In that case, the best thing you can do is catch a good headphone set. These two proposals are great depending on your budget.

PDP LVL40 Stereo Headphones

PDP - LVL40 Headphones

Pdpgaming headphones have officially licensed by Nintendo and are available at 4 different designs, based on the colors of the consoles. It is compatible with both Switch and Switch Lite, its price is quite consistent with the quality of the product. Of course, we are talking about wired headphones.

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless

If, on the other hand, you prefer some wireless headphones, this SteelSeries model is going to make a notable difference during your games. You will be able to use these headphones with a microphone in any console you have, and their quality is endorsed by all the positive comments that their buyers have made so far. Without a doubt, it is a high-quality accessory to complement the Nintendo Switch Lite.

To recharge the console

We all fear the low battery warning when we play with our Nintendo Switch. If you give the Lite a lot of power and do not want to be constantly plugging the charger, these are some interesting options for maximize autonomy from the console.

BigBlue 6000mAh

BigBlue 6000mAh

If you don’t want to get stuck with your game in the middle of a trip, this small case connects to the USB-C port of your Nintendo Switch Lite to extend its autonomy 5 or 6 more hours. It doesn’t add a lot of weight and has some other advantages, like a small foot to place the console on a table or space to store a couple of Nintendo Switch game cards inside the case.

Lexibook Mario & Luigi Powerbank 10,000 mAh

powebank mario luigi

With this accessory you will be able to cable any console Nintendo Switch or mobile phone. You can also play connected to this powerbank, although it will not be as comfortable as with the previous example.

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