The best alternative to the Raspberry Pi?

Asus Tinker Board 2s

There are very good alternatives to the Raspberry Pi, but not all of them strike an attractive balance between performance and price. Because it must be recognized that one of the great positive points of the board created by The Raspberry Pi Foundation is that. However, as time goes by, more proposals come out to take into account. One of them is this Asus Tinker Board 2s.

The Asus Tinker Board 2s It is a mini PC, a small board in the style of the Raspberry Pi 4, which combines a very striking technical sheet with a somewhat higher price. Even so, seeing all the possibilities, it is not excessive what the manufacturer asks for.

Highlighting the key features of this small PC, the Asus Tinker Board 2 relies on a SoC (Systeam on Chip) of six cores with 64-bit support. These run at 1.5 (Cortex A53) and 2 Ghz (Cortex A72) clock speeds. So that you can get a more than interesting performance together with your 4 GB RAM memory.

Yes, it only offers 4 GB of RAM and that for certain uses or apps that you can run could be insufficient, but it is true that it also depends a lot on the management made by the operating system that is installed. In this case, you have several Linux options and even the option to install Android 11.

Being able to install the Google operating system is one of the great attractions, because together with other features such as WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth 5.0 connection Many projects could be carried out within the multimedia and leisure field. In addition, on a graphical level it has a Mali GPU that theoretically will perform more than the views in the latest Raspberry Pi and supports two 4K displays.

For the rest, this board also has several types of connectors such as an HDMI connector with CEC support, a USB C Gen1 with OTG, three USB 3.2 Gen1 Type A as well as GPIO pins to which to connect a wide variety of accessories and accessories. with which the possibilities grow remarkably.

A tough rival for the Raspberry Pi

There is no doubt that the Raspberry Pi will continue to be the reference within this sector of mini PCs or development boards. Due to price and performance, it is difficult to find a better product. And to that we must add the one that has such a large user community that it is easy to find a solution to any problem you may suffer or even projects to carry out and get the most out of it.

However, there are more and more proposals that stand up to you with equally attractive or somewhat higher prices, but with better benefits. The latter are not always attractive to everyone, but there are those who are finding alternatives to follow closely. As is the case with this one from Asus.

So, if you are interested in this whole topic, we recommend that you take a look. It may or may not be for you, but it is good to have a complete photograph of the market to always know which is the best choice. Because it is clear that as its capabilities advance at the hardware level, the excuses for not always having one at home are reduced, to be able to carry out the ideas that many users make.

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