The best alternatives to Philips Hue ambient lighting

1. Lytmi Neo, the alternative for synchronized display backlighting

Synchronized backlighting of screens is quite a phrase, but when you see what it is capable of, you want to have one at home for your television or computer monitors.

The phrase already reveals what the thing is about and that is a system that, located behind a screen, illuminates the wall behind it in a coordinated way to what is happening on television or the monitor.

In other words, if you are playing games, listening to music or watching a movie, the light that emanates from behind the device provides the room with an atmosphere according to what is happening. That improves immersion in experience.

Definitely, Lytmi Neo is a system ambilight of this type that competes with the Philips Play HDMI Sync Box, with a better price.

Of course it is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, so no hassle to set it up by voice.

Your sync box kit plus lighting can be for just over 100 euros if your screen is 65 inches or less, about half that of a Philips Hue HDMI Sync Box.

2. Govee Immersion, the economical choice for synchronized lighting

Govee Immersion

If you do not want to give up that immersive experience, but do not want to spend so much, the device Govee Immersion is probably the best bet.

Its operation to synchronize the LED strips behind the screen with what happens in it is very ingenious, use a camera. It captures what is happening and synchronizes the color patterns with its own lights.

With 16 million colors and scene and music modes, you can also control it by voice (Alexa and Google Assistant), so you won’t have to miss the options offered by the Philips Hue range of synchronized lighting.

3. Nanoleaf Shapes and Canvas, the most original option for providing ambient light

Nanoleaf system

If you want to go beyond LED strips and add a touch of ambient light that is not usually seen out there, Nanoleaf is what you should look at.

This lighting company offers lights in the shape of triangles, hexagons and squares within their ranges Shape and Canvas.

These flat lighting systems can be attached to the wall and build an original look. For example, with hexagons you can decorate a room with a beehive-shaped structure, while with squares, it can appear that there are bright canvases on the wall, instead of the usual paintings. Finally, the triangles give a lot of play to create original shapes.

Typically, these series begin with panel kits the way you choose, which start with 4, 5, 9 and up to 15 pieces. The pack of 9 seems the ideal to start with and is around 200 euros in price.

In the same way, Nanoleaf is innovating and you can find, for example, hexagonal lights with an additional wood effect.

It is true that there are other manufacturers that are joining the bandwagon, especially with somewhat cheaper hexagonal panels, but Nanoleaf gives more and better options.

As a curiosity, panels react to touch, so it is possible that fiddling with and designing new shapes, with the pieces of the kits (which can also be combined with each other), become your new favorite hobby.

Regarding compatibility, without problem with the usual suspects: Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant, own remote …

4. LED light bars, when you don’t want to complicate

Smart RGB light bars

If what you want is ambient light, to your liking and without the hassles of complicated installations, you have LED light bars.

Simple, but very effective, The truth is that they can be placed vertically resting on the floor, the computer table or a piece of furniture. They are placed against the wall and thus reflect the light on the wall, flooding the room.

In addition to that, you can also leave them lying horizontally or glued in the same way to the ceiling or a shelf, depending on what best suits the corner you want to set. These lamps also offer features to coordinate the light with what you are doing, although basic.

The options that we liked are some Zuukoo Smart LED which are ideal to start with, since 2 come for less than 60 euros and they bring a microphone, for what? To listen to your music, for example, and adapt the light to it if you wish.

Govee also offers a very interesting option in this regard with its model Govee Flow Pro. This also includes a camera, as in the model Immersion we’ve seen, to take a look at your screen and coordinate the color scheme of the LED bars.

5. Smart ceiling lamps, the choice of the most classic to give atmosphere

Smart ceiling lamp

If you are one of those who does not want too much originality or that a room looks like the command bridge of the Enterprise, you don’t have to give up ambient light either.

There are options for ceiling lamps that can also emit light in the color you want and this is where personal taste in terms of design comes in.

For those who do not want to complicate, the recommendation is the typical lamp with the shape of a circular or rectangular ceiling. From 15W to 36W you have everything, depending on the power you need in the room and the number of lamps you want to put on.

The vast majority are compatible with Alexa and Google Home And they have prices ranging from 30 euros to more than 80 if you want them to include a bluetooth speaker and also build sound environments.

If you are more of a designer, look for the Linby brand and its Alwine and Edica models. Yes indeed, fashion is paid and we are talking about options that are between 160 and 200 euros to start.

Finally, there are also the table lamps, which to work in a relaxed environment, and according to the moment, can be ideal and economical. Xiaomi is always a reliable brand at an excellent price and its LED Desk Lamp, for around 40 euros, it’s hard to beat.

As you can see, options for all tastes are not lacking, so if you want to go beyond Philips Hue, and give that special touch to your room or your entire house, these are our recommendations.

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