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Since Apple released the first version of AirPods, different models have arrived to meet the different needs of users. One of these is the AirPods Max, which are not only the most expensive headphones you can buy from Apple, but have also been surely the most controversial. Well, for all those who were thinking of buying them, they now have a unique opportunity thanks to the offer that we tell you about in this post.

AirPods Max discount

As we said before, the AirPods Max are surely the Apple headphones that have generated the most controversy, especially for a very simple reason, their high price. Apple sells them, from the day of their launch, to €629, certainly a very high price. However, and fortunately for users who want to enjoy them on a daily basis, at Amazon and other stores there are usually discounts that allow them to be purchased at a much cheaper price, and that is exactly what is currently happening at Amazon, which these fantastic AirPods Max are quite discounted. Then we leave you the discount that you can find in each of the colors.

  • AirPods Max in blue: 178 euros discount.
  • AirPods Max in space gray: 178 euros discount.
  • AirPods Max in silver: 178 euros discount.
  • AirPods Max in pink: 120 euros discount.

AirPods Max + iPhone

Strengths of these headphones

Once you know the price at which you can buy these Apple headphones, we want to tell you what you can expect from them, that is, what are the points for which many users prefer to pay more money and use these AirPods Max, rather than other competitive models that are cheaper.

In the first place, and in headphones it is the most important thing, we must talk about the sound quality and noise cancellation. As for the first aspect, Apple has done very well with the AirPods Max, since they offer a really balanced sound that allows you to differentiate and appreciate the nuances of each and every one of the songs. Are support for spatial audio and lossless audio from Apple Musicalthough not with the highest quality version, something that is quite incomprehensible on Apple’s part.

AirPods Max

Regarding noise cancellation This is one of the best headphones on the market., but the best, so the experience it offers you together with the ambient mode is a real joy. You also have to keep in mind, if you have several devices from the Cupertino company, the great synchronization it has with all of them, since you won’t have to touch anything at all to be able to listen to music or other types of content on one and the other.

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