The best Apple Watch you can buy in 2023

When a new year begins, many people set ambitious goals and objectives, and there are some technological products that can help you achieve those good habits that you are looking for. One of these is the Apple Watch, therefore, in this post we want to tell you which of all the available models is the most suitable to buy in 2023.

The Apple Watch, as with many devices from the Cupertino company, is renewed every year, which means that many models that are still fully functional today are not within the catalog of options provided by Apple. For this reason, first we will tell you which is the ideal option among those that Apple sells, and later we will do the same with those that Apple does not sell but that you can find in other stores such as Amazon or MediaMarkt.

The best of those that Apple sells

Currently, those of Cupertino have 3 different models of Apple Watch within its catalogue, are the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch Ultra. If we focus on the majority of users, what they are really looking for is a watch that is capable of receiving notifications and being able to manage them, control physical activity or take hiking routes that they do and be able to change the sphere to adapt it depending on the moment of the day they are, without a doubt, for all of them the most appropriate model is the Apple Watch SEthat although it loses certain functions compared to the Series 8, its price is much cheaper and these main functions that it has to fulfill, it does without any problem.

Apple Watch SE

Secondly, the Series 8 and the Ultra are in a compromised position. The Apple Watch Series 8 hardly has any notable news compared to the Series 7, which we will talk about later, and the Apple Watch Ultra is focused on a really concrete and specific audience, who can have everything they need to perform on this watch. Above all, their favorite sports activities. It would also be the ideal option for those who want a large watch that has a good battery and is really resistant, although it would be necessary to see if it is really worth paying the 999 euros it costs.

The best of those that Apple does not sell

Really, if you have carefully read the previous lines, you will have already eaten a spoiler of what we are going to tell you now. And it is that, Apple Watch Series 7, in the same way that it happens with the iPhone 13, it is one of the most recommended equipment today. In the first place because it really does not lose practically anything compared to the new Series 8, but on top of that, its price is lower.

Apple WatchSeries 7

The bad? Apple no longer sells it in its Apple Store and you have to try to find a unit in other stores such as Amazon, MediaMarkt, Yaphone or any media that still has stock of this product. The good thing? Usually all these stores, in addition to having units of this watch, also have it at a discount compared to its original price, so you can also buy it cheaper.

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