The best applications to test your hard drive


The hard drive of our Mac computers is one of the most essential components. Without a hard drive to store data and a CPU to process commands, our Mac would be a pretty paperweight.

Many applications and programs are designed to keep them healthy, but we We are going to check its operation and performanceto find out if it works as the manufacturer claims, or if it holds up in good shape over time.

In today’s article we will talk about The best applications to test the Mac hard drive. Go for it!

Why test Mac hard drive?

Current hard drives have two formats, the conventional HDD or the current SDD, and that they work correctly is a critical factor in the general performance of our equipment and therefore also in the experience that we have using the equipment.

A bad hard drive will have a slower response time, even failing at some point, something that can be a great harm to us. In the worst case, if it fails completely, our equipment would not even turn on.

Regularly testing your Mac, and specifically your hard drive, can give you an indication of when your computer isn’t working properly, and why.

Let’s see some applications for check their status on our Mac. They are different from each other, with different levels of complexity and functionality. Let us begin!

Disk Utility

This is a program that comes by default on our devicesas it is part of the macOS operating system.

Its basic functionality consists of repair and check hard drive status. Checks for errors and performs repairs under certain circumstances.

And although it cannot repair all the problems that we might have, it does give us a detailed report of the problem, it can even notify us that it will fail in the future, being able to remedy it, and also make a backup copy.

The application is integrated into your Mac computer.


CleanMyMac X hard drive

A reference program among users of Mac devices is, without a doubt, CleanMyMac. This program andIt is designed to remove temporary files from the hard drive.

It also looks for junk hidden in the computer, saving us a lot of space, and therefore increasing the response speed of the computer, also facilitating some processes, such as delete appsfor example, making it much simpler and more intuitive.

The program will quickly inform us of which files can be deleted, know how much space we are using on the hard drive, how busy we arebig and old files…

In addition to this task, it performs many others, such as deleting browsing history, finding and removing malware, for example.

CleanMyMac is designed to remove temporary and junk files from your Mac’s hard drive to give you more space and speed up your computer’s response. The tool will inform you when there are files that can be removed and will let you know how much space you can save by doing a disk cleanup.

You can find the application on its website and in the Mac App Store.


hard drive

PowerMyMac is a multipurpose tool that can help us free up a lot of hard disk space, making computers more efficient.

also can monitor other aspects of your Mac, such as RAMCPU utilization, or find duplicate files, among others.

You can find the program here and they also give us a free trial.

If you work with large video files, the read and write speed of your hard drive It is vitally important to work in good conditions.

This tool is an application with a single function, which consists of checking the writing and reading speed of our hard drive.

You can continuously monitor the work of the hard driveand test its performance over time.

The application can be downloaded for free in the Mac App Store.


drivedx hard drive

DriveDX offers real-time drive monitoring that is designed to warn us before our hard drive fails. Will perform constant supervision of it and if necessary, it will also give us an early diagnosis of the state of the hard drive, so that we can take action.

It uses different algorithms to perform a more complete evaluation of the condition of the units either HDD or SSD, as I mentioned above.

We have a free trial, but then it has a personal license cost. You can download it from here.

hard drive iStat Menus

iStat Menu is a full-featured hard drive monitoring application, which can not only check Mac hard drive, but also perform many other diagnostic activities.

Show free hard drive space, show used spaceprovides statistics…

The tool provides us with an impressive variety of information about the state of the Mac drive and about the system in general. We also have notifications that can be customized.

You will find the application in the Mac App Store at a price of 9.99 euros.


CleanMydrive2 hard drive

This app does exactly what its name implies. Keeps your computer free of junk and unnecessary files that reduce your storage capacity and slow down your Mac.

You can use this application to clean both internal hard drive and external drives. In addition to creating custom icons.

You can find CleanMyDrive2 for free in the Mac App Store, it is also a highly valued application among its users.


The collection of programs and applications that I have shown you in this article covers and manages many of the possible problems that a Mac hard drive can give you.

When you want to check the status of your hard drive and carry out an analysis of it, thanks to these programs and applications, you will be able to check the reading and writing speed, monitor its status, find and repair possible errors, check the available space and the used space , or search for unwanted junk files like large files that you no longer use.

And you, what program do you use to check the status of your hard drive?

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