The best apps to print and edit photos

The development of new technologies has brought great changes in the business fabric covering all sectors. The so-called digital transformation has led to important changes, also within the photographic printing sector. Today we can not only access more complete services that cover dimensions beyond the classic printing on paper. We can also access diversified printing services that allow us to insert our images in all kinds of 100% customized products and gifts.

However, one of the most outstanding advances resides in the intuitiveness and instantaneity. Today it is possible to access printing platforms from home. Through a computer or a smartphone we can access a series of services that cover all phases of the ideation, production and distribution process.

With a simple mobile application it is possible to select our personal images, implement them within versatile printing formats, apply modifications and all kinds of creative effects, preview our creations, place our orders and track their home delivery. Thanks to increasingly globalized business models, accessibility to this type of service knows no borders. We can find alternatives that provide national and international coverage and with quite reasonable delivery times.

Gone are forced trips to specialized stores, waiting times, long delivery periods or printing errors resulting from a lack of preview and advice. Today all these processes are automated and adapted to the needs of all types of clients, but do you know which are the most effective applications?

Below we make a selection of the best mobile applications for editing and printing images on all types of media. Pay attention!


The Hoffman app is available for iPhone, Android, and Huawei. From this printing and editing app, users can customize and order the printing of all kinds of personalized products. Prints, canvases, photo albums, adhesive pictures … From a minimalist and intuitive interface, immediate orders can be made with deliveries that are effective in just 48 hours.

This application is completely free and allows access to a wide range of configuration options. With it you can choose the size of the images or insert custom titles and backgrounds adapted to your needs.

From Hoffman it is possible to print any photograph from your mobile phone on a wide variety of gifts and personalized products.


Your system is designed to process print orders. In addition, it also has an editing platform that allows you to include custom effects and filters without the need to resort to complementary applications.

From FotoPrix users can select the size of the photos, the print finish (gloss or matte). In addition, their reasonable delivery times range between 2 and 5 business days from the moment the request is processed.

FotoPrix’s scope extends to the entire Spanish territory. No matter where you are in the country, from this application you can receive your personalized gifts directly at home. So app development plays a major role in our day to day life.


Lalalab has grown in popularity in recent years. This application offers you a wide variety of options to personalize and print your personal photos. Among its catalog of services it has printing packages made up of a wide variety of formats ranging from photo albums, postcards or posters to framed photos.

From Lalalab you can print your images by selecting them directly from the gallery of your mobile phone, but also from any social network.

Unlike FotoPrix, Lalalab does not have geographic limitations and ships anywhere in the world. The process is very simple: just choose the printing format, select the number of images and formalize your order (their delivery times are variable depending on the volume of the order or the destination point).


Its platform is prepared to make personalized orders although its editing options are somewhat more limited. Mimento allows you to choose images from any social network. Next you must select the print size, format or type of photographic paper.

Unlike other multi-format applications such as Hoffman, Mimento only offers paper-based printing. Among its alternatives you will be able to access personalized packages destined to cover special events such as weddings or birthdays. In addition, it has an option to create personalized collages with a selection of 100% personalized photos.

It works with four formats: The classic format (10 × 15 cm), the retro format (10 × 12 cm with frame included), the collage format (grouping photos on a 32 × 46 cm surface) and the PhotoBooth format (strips 5 × 20 cm in which four 4 × 4 cm images are integrated).

Among the paper alternatives we can find an electro-static type option that is nicknamed “octopus” and that can easily adhere to any type of surfaces and materials.

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