The best arcade sticks to deliver cakes in fighting games

They are a direct heritage of the old arcade machines of the 80’s and 90’s and They have managed to remain intact until today. These are the Arcade Sticks that allow us to better control games thanks to the precision of their movements and such a physical pressing of the buttons that few experiences with other peripherals are capable of matching. And, obviously, if you like fighting games, they are the best travel companion.

Premium Arcade Stick

The Arcade Stick, as we tell you, are a legacy of that glorious recreational past and, therefore, when we decide to use them we are adopting the control methods of the old games that reached the coin op from 30 and more years ago. A peripheral that we currently have available for PC and consoles and that allows us to perfectly handle the action of fighting games, to such an extent that if we are good at it we could consider becoming professionals in some way. sceneslike the Street Fighter.

These Arcade Sticks have two fundamental characteristics: no analog controls to move the character, and they do allow those eight directions of a lifetime with clicks when we move the stick in any of its axes; in addition to always offering real buttons, that are noticeable when we press them and that we can program according to the game –fighting– in which we are going to compete.

That is why we have selected three models of a medium-high range. They are not the most top because there are variants that cost an arm and a leg but you can frame them within an intermediate segment that It will offer you a precision never seen before when you execute any key in a Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat 11 or, why not, the next and imminent Street Fighter 6.

Distribute cakes without looking

This first model is designed for those who refine each Arcade Stick control and are even capable of changing components to improve them according to their needs. This peripheral has nine extraordinarily sensitive buttons, Programmable and with Turbo option. The lever has its eight directions with two axes with a click and is heavy enough to remain intact no matter how many wiggles we hit during combat. You can use it on both PC and consoles.

This model It is officially licensed by Sony. and is compatible with PS5 and PS4, as well as PC. It offers an ultra-fast response time – up to 15% less than others – with original Hayabusa buttons. It has a Turbo function and settings for 5, 10 and 20 pulsations. As if that were not enough, we can easily change its components to improve it with specific accessories for different types of games. It has nine buttons.

Last we have an Arcade Stick that takes a leap in quality and that we put it here in case you feel splendid with money. It is about the EGO Arcade Stick, which is made with premium materials, a sturdiness to the test of cakes, enough weight to not fear that it will move with each hit that we give and an almost professional eight-way ball lever. We can also access its interior to replace components, change the decorative plate and it works on both PC and consoles.

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