The best backup for our important files and folders

Having all the information that we most want to keep, fully protected and that we know in advance that in the event of any problem we are not going to lose it, it is all peace of mind and more today that everything is done through the computer.

Uranium Backup

With Uranium Backup we are facing a software that will protect all our data making backup copies everything that we deem appropriate, not only our main disk, but also allows us to copy any type of external storage.

This is one of the most reputable backup software on the market, as it has more than 100,000 active users from 110 countries and 7 million backups completed per month.

Uranium Backup allows us to make backup copies of all types of files, as we have already mentioned, but we can also make disk images, copies of Exchange mailboxes, databases and Virtual machines in storage such as hard drives, NAS, FTP servers or in the cloud.

Has a interface that makes life much easier, since it is intuitive and manages to make backups in a matter of seconds. Another very interesting facet is that, if during the process it finds any type of anomaly, it immediately informs the user.

The safety is a fundamental part in this type of software and here we also have it guaranteed with a system that takes care of this aspect at all times, as well as the privacy of the clients. Good proof of this is that it allows us to encrypt our data using the AES 256 bit secure algorithm. All the protection of the data that they provide us will be extremely secure and in accordance with the RGPD.

Editions for all needs

In addition to several editions so that everyone has the one that best suits their needs, Uranium Backup has a support team for all subscribers, where all doubts and incidents that may arise will be answered quickly and efficiently, in addition to being in continuous contact with the product development team itself. All customers will be able to use the phone or email to contact them.

Uranium Backup - backup 2


It is the edition for which you don’t have to pay nothing, giving us many advantages such as:

  • We can perform Backups of everything we want.
  • Copies can be made from any type of storage, even if it is external and mass storage such as USB / Firewire / Thunderbolt / SATA / Ethernet disks, RDX drives, NAS servers, SAN and much more.
  • We are allowed compress files and folders by means of Zip64 compression.
  • We will have email notifications of the backup result.
  • System for schedule backup at the time we indicate.


In this case the cost is 80 euros, including all the features of the Free edition and giving us more advantages such as:

  • We will make backup copies of disk images.
  • We can make backup copies FTP / FTPS / SFTP.
  • The files and folders will be in sync.
  • It may restore disk from image (bare-metal).
  • It may use the cloud to save copies.

Pro Tape

This edition has a cost of 150 euros And, how could it be otherwise, it incorporates everything from the previous version with the odd extra:

  • Backups in any type of tape drives (LTO, DAT, DDS, AIT, DLT and SDLT).
  • Have compression support hardware and software.
  • System of granular recovery.

Pro DB

The cost is the same as the previous version, that is 150 euros, but in this case it is possible to perform multiple and parallel backup copies of databases, both on local networks and on servers. It’s compatible with:

  • MySQL from edition 3.23 and higher.
  • MySQL Embedded from edition 4.0 and higher.
  • MariaDB from edition 5.0 and higher.
  • Microsoft SQL Server, all editions (including Express and SQL Server for Linux).
  • Microsoft Exchange Server from edition 2010 SP1 and higher.

Pro Shadow

The cost is the same as the previous version, that is 150 euros, but in this case you can make backup copies of files that are locked or in use, creating snapshot images and saving this copy to later restore the backup at the exact moment when the snapshot was taken.

This software includes all the features of the “Base” edition, but also incorporates all of this:

  • VSS backup of files that are locked or in use.
  • Backup of virtual machines that are in Windows as host, therefore, it is compatible with VMware Workstation, VMware Server, VirtualBox etc.
  • It also supports Outlook PST file backup and even dynamic database backup.

Pro Virtual

The cost is 229 euros, but in this case this software is specifically focused on making backup copies of virtual machines of any kind. This software includes all the functionalities of the “Base” edition, but also includes the following:

  • Backup and replication of VMware-based virtual machines, either with vSphere or ESXi.
  • Support for virtual machines built with Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • VSS backup of locked or in-use files.

Thanks to this version of Uranium Backup, we will be able to make a backup copy of all the virtual machines that we are using, and all this in an easy, fast and very affordable way, because other similar software is much more expensive.


It is the most complete version since it integrates all the features of the previous versions. It combines everything that they offer us from the Free edition to the ProDB, so it is impossible to miss anything. We will have many possibilities at our disposal. The cost is 290 euros.

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