The best Black Friday deals on SSD, RAM and hard drives

The NAND Flash market is about to rise according to the latest analyst reports. There is hardly Christmas left for the price increase to take effect since apparently all the chip manufacturers have stopped production due to the excess of existing stock that we still carry from the pandemic and where many assemblers have very high inventory levels.

Deals on SSD, RAM and HDD for this Black Friday 2021

Therefore, it is necessary to force the price rise so as not to enter into losses in a few months. For this reason, these offers and all the ones you have in our bazaar (upper section of the cover “In Trend”, there is the link) are crucial if you need any of the aforementioned hardware.

That said, we go with the offers directly and to know the best products of Black Friday 2021 for SSD, RAM and HDD.

Crucial Ballistix RGB 2 x 8 GB DDR4-3200 C16

We find one of the few models that Crucial has with RGB on the market, where the lighting system gets 16 RGB LEDs with 8 independent zones. They are compatible with the main lighting software of the plate brands, you get an XMP 2.0 profile, a brushed aluminum heatsink and are offered this time in black.

Regarding their characteristics, they are two modules of 8GB 3200MHz in DDR4 with main latencies of 16-18-18-36. Its price falls from 01.95 euros to 64.99 euros, 29% less!

WD Red Plus 8 TB


It is one of the most sought-after HDDs for NAS, firstly because of its capacity, 8 TB, and secondly because it belongs to the Red Plus range that implies a lower price at the cost of a little less performance. We are talking about an HDD of 5,400 RPM supporting a workload of up to 180TB per year with a sustained throughput rate of 198 MB / s.

It includes a 256MB cache and has an MTBF of 1 million hours, plus NASware 3.0 from WD. Its price falls from 244.99 to 194.99 euros, 20% less.

WD Red Plus 4 TB


Little to add that we have not said about its 8 TB older brother just above. Due to its smaller capacity, it goes from 256 MB of cache to 64 MB and also its performance drops from 198 MB / s 150 MB / s.

In return, its price is also lower and falls by 18% resulting in 97.99 euros.

WD Green SN350 2 TB


More than capable SSD for those users who want efficiency without losing that extra performance point. What we found is a 2 TB capacity drive with NAND Flash Micron QLC which is capable of reaching a speed of 3,200 MB / s in sequential reading and 3,000 MB / s in sequential writing, always under PCIe 3.0 with NVMe interface.

Its price drops a surprising 35% to stand at 152.99 euros.

Crucial MX500 2TB

There is nothing to say about one of the best-selling SSDs in history and that continues record after record fighting to lead sales month after month as well. Simply point out that it is the 2 TB version and that for this reason it achieves 560 MB / s sustained. Its price falls by 29% to stay in only 168.99 euros, don’t even think about it, go for him!

Crucial MX500 1TB

It complies with the same characteristics as its superior brother, except for the durability that by pure logic drops to half, such as its capacity. It is now offered with a 3% discount to leave it in 87.99 euros.

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