The best charger for the iPhone 14 is this Xiaomi magnetic battery

This weekend the new generation of Apple smartphones went on sale. The price increase of iPhone 14, the Pro and its variants do not seem to have significantly affected sales, as the first run of these new devices has sold out of stores like every year. If you’ve gotten your hands on the iPhone of this generation, or plan to, you’ll know that Apple no longer includes the charger in the box for ecological reasons. If you don’t feel like researching which charger you’re most interested in for your new iPhone, stick around and take a look at this one. xiaomi magnetic charger that has been selling like churros this week.

Xiaomi is right with this battery and wireless base for the latest generations of iPhone

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A Xiaomi not one escapes. Last week, the Chinese company put on sale a new device with its sights set on the launch of the iPhone. It is a magnetic base with vertical support, designed to take advantage of the wireless charging system of the new Apple phones.

But the thing does not stop there. Xiaomi has wanted to differentiate its product from the rest of the competition’s stations. For this reason, the device It also has its own portable battery that attaches to the phone exactly like Apple’s MagSafe Power Bank. At the capacity level, this Xiaomi battery significantly exceeds the official Apple one. The model that Apple sells has a capacity of 2920 mAh, while this new one from Xiaomi goes up to 5,000mAh.

Battery and charger can recharge the iPhone at a power of about 20 wattswhereas, if we use it to do reverse chargewe can take advantage of about 12 watts.

This wireless charger and battery pack res compatible with all the iPhone 12, 13 and 14 series. Of course, if you are interested in getting this product, you will have to wait a bit. In China, the kit was priced at around $28, and they’ve flown out of stores in record time.

Any alternative that is worth it?

We do not know how long Xiaomi will take to replenish its stock and bring this attractive product to our continent. In the meantime, you can settle for these two alternatives What you can buy right now on Amazon:

Anker 622 Magnetic Portable Charger with External Battery

magnetic charger powerbank anker.jpg

With a philosophy very similar to the Xiaomi product The one we just talked about, this Anker model has practically the same features. You have it available in various colors and its battery is also 5,000mAh. The design of it is also a big draw.

KOOSEED External Magnetic Wireless Mini 5000mAh

KOOSEED iphone battery.jpg

If you are only interested in the external battery, this Kooseed model with 5,000mAh will significantly extend the autonomy of your new phone. It is designed for previous generation iPhones, but as you know, all new Apple models have kept the design from the previous generation.

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