the best classics to exercise the mind

Although video games are usually a way to escape from reality and have fun for a while, they also there are some that serve to exercise our brain and become useful people capable of displaying bombproof quickness of thought on a daily basis. But, do you know which are the best titles that we have been able to play in recent years and that in some cases it is still possible to buy them?

Ready to start the exercises

It is a market that exploded practically two decades thanks to Doctor Kawashima and his brain training for Nintendo DS, which in recent years has found a vein in those users who not only want their consoles to shoot aliens. That is why, on the occasion of the Brain Week that is celebrated between March 13 and 19, 2023, we have decided to review those old releases that were able to fine-tune our mind and rejuvenate it based on of mathematical operations and logic problems.

Here they are, do you remember them?

Brain Age (Nintendo DS)

We start the list with one of the most famous and remembered franchises within this niche, since He has been with us since the early 2000s. With a series of quite effective and, quite frankly, a lot of fun mini-games, we’re sure they’ve helped many over the years to rejuvenate their gray matter. If you still have your Nintendo DS, we recommend that you give it another try.

Brain Challenge (PSP)

Surely the favorite of this type of title for those who were children in the 2000s and had a Sony laptop in their hands. As for the gameplay, the truth is that there is not much difference between these titlesYes, but we have special affection for this one. In addition, the fact of having the doctor as host gives it a distinctive touch, as well as the incorporation of different game modes on portable consoles.

Junior Brain Trainer (Nintendo DS)

The peculiarity that differentiates this game from the rest of its genre is that the mini games to exercise the brain were more designed for the little ones from the house They were somewhat simpler activities than usual, but that did not take away from their usefulness and fun. If you were young twenty years ago, surely you came across this cartridge sometime.

Brain Age: Concentration Training (Nintendo 3DS)

A spin-off from the franchise that, despite continuing with the clear line of wanting to help improve our mind, focused especially on concentration, an area of ​​memory that as we get older it doesn’t hurt to train from time to time. Besides, It is one of the few in the saga that came out for the glorious Nintendo 3DS.

Brain Training (Nintendo Switch)

Finally we come to the latest version of the most beloved game saga of the genre. The endearing Doctor Kawashima has become an idol cult that became famous almost two decades ago with the first releases for Nintendo DS and that has not given up on reaching Switch. More logic problems, new mathematical operations, perception challenges and endless alternatives as fun as a good shooteran RPG or a racing title.

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