The best commercials of the Super Bowl 2023

American football fans in Spain have slept little to watch Super Bowl 2023, the 57th edition of the NFL league final that ended with the Kansas City Chiefs beating the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35. The game was fantastic, with great offensive actions and a comeback included after two very different parts dominated by each of the teams.

But we are not here to talk about sports and the thing is that the Super Bowl is much more than that. Whether you like American football little or not at all, the most followed television event in the United States and surely the biggest show on the planet for the small screen after the Olympic Games and the World Cup, offers other points of interest.

One of them is their commercials for which almost an entire hour is reserved for the quarters, the intermission and the numerous timeouts. These ads break price records year after year and in Super Bowl 2023 Fox, the chain responsible for broadcasting the event, has charged a whopping $7 million for 30-second adsabsolute record in any television event.

The music stars also fight to be in charge of entertaining the intermission of the game and this year, RihannaAfter four years without concerts and seven without new albums, she recalled that she is still the “Princess of R&B”. With no other guest artists, she has sung 12 of the best songs of her sporting a tummy due to her second pregnancy which has given her many comments on the Internet. Only the staging has been really impressive with a scenery that at times has reminded her of Nintendo games. Super Smash Bros? You can see it in full at this link.

Super Bowl 2023

The best commercials of the Super Bowl 2023

Despite the price, brands of all kinds fight to get in front of the mass audience. In addition, it is estimated that only 1% of the audience in the United States changes the channel or stops watching television, something that does not happen in any other event, which is why participation is considered highly profitable. Of course, the studies that prepare them do the rest and are a good sample of advertising creativity.

This year there has been everything from movies to food, drinks, operators and technology. We leave you with some of the ones we liked the most:

Guardians of the Galaxy 3


Pop Corners Breaking Bad

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts x Porsche



Squarespace – The Singularity

Indiana Jones 5



Dunkin Donuts

GM & Netflix

Blue Moon Beers

The Farmer’s Dog

Xfinity Operator



T Mobile

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