The best companion of the streamer, this Razer camera with ring light included, on sale

As you can imagine in the case of the video streamers, the image is something that they must take extreme care of. That is precisely where the camera they have chosen to make their live broadcasts comes into play. In these lines we want to focus on a device with these characteristics that is currently reduced by 27%, which will mean significant savings.

In fact, we are talking about a webcam from the prestigious brand Razer in which you can save 30 euros right now. Furthermore, among other things, it is worth noting that this important device has its own light ring included, which many will surely appreciate. Well, once we know all this, we should point out that we are specifically referring to the camera. Razer Kiyo that you can buy right now for less than 80 euros.

It is not difficult to imagine that this is a product specially developed for streaming video broadcasts, which is precisely what many are looking for. We can connect the device as comfortably through a USB port and start benefiting from it. This is a manufacturer especially known for its gaming devices and other sectors related to the multimedia world, as is the case.

Everything that this Razer camera offers us

As we mentioned before, perhaps one of the main attractions that this Razer camera presents us with is that includes its own light ring. As many of you may already know firsthand, this is a very important element when it comes to streaming and achieving adequate lighting. In this way we save ourselves from having to acquire said ring independently. It is enough that we put the device we are talking about in operation to be able to benefit from this additional element.

razer camera

But not only that, since the camera itself is also compatible with most of the most used applications and platforms today and related to video transmissions. Internally, it is worth knowing that the product weighs only 200 grams. In regards to the video quality that the device presents us, to say that we will be able to transmit a720 points and 60 FPS.

In turn, and thanks to the design proposed by the body of the camera as such, we will have multiple possibilities of placement and adaptation depending on the environment in which we find ourselves. all to try avoid movements and vibrations of the image while we are using the product on our computer.

It is also worth noting that in the camera itself we find the corresponding control to adjust the intensity of the light that will be emitted by the aforementioned integrated ring that we talked about before. All this with just a small turn and thus obtain the lighting environment that really interests us to transmit.

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