The best content of the week in MuyPymes

We finish, one more Sunday, with a new review of the best contents of the week in MuyPymes, our classic weekly compilation of articles. We keep the usual format, and as always, we wish you have a good Monday.

  • Pixpay arrives in Spain offering a special payment card for teenagers.
  • Content creators may include NFTs in their copyrights.
  • The glass sector seeks to lighten the bottles by using virtual twins.
  • The ‘Look, Smell, Test’ label reaches Spanish supermarkets.
  • Windows Defender is one of the best antivirus for Windows 10 and Windows 11.
  • Three reasons to jump to an SSD storage drive.
  • The next two years will produce 58% more software, according to a study.
  • Windows 11 enters the mass deployment phase on supported computers.
  • Apple announces a new MacBook refresh program.
  • Self-employed: how to deduct fuel expenses in VAT and personal income tax.
  • Follow our event on Artificial Intelligence in streaming!
  • 80% of Spaniards do not know how to recognize between good and bad debt.
  • Half of mental health problems are related to work.
  • MINISFORUM JB95, an Intel mini PC with low consumption and low cost.
  • Disability pension: when can it be requested and how many degrees are there.
  • Artificial Intelligence Forum: the technology that the country will raise.
  • UPERFECT X Pro, turn your smartphone into a laptop and be productive anywhere.
  • MINISFORUM TH50, new mini PC with Core i5-11320H.
  • Keys to franchise your business.
  • The 3D printing market will have a turnover of 10.120 million until 2025.
  • Seven trends that will mark the distribution sector in 2022.
  • The AEDAF is concerned about the possibility of increasing VAT rates.
  • Samsung introduces three new smart car chips.
  • Improve Windows 10 performance in minutes, and effortlessly.
  • Microsoft Office receives a new interface inspired by Windows 11.

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