The best contents of the week in MC (CCCLXXIII)

We close the week with a new compilation of the best content that we have published in MuyComputer. As always, in this special you will find the most important articles of the last seven days, and you will have them just a click away.

We wish you a good start to the week.

Razer Leviathan V2 ProRazer Leviathan V2 Pro, perhaps the best sound bar for PC. This bar is the most advanced model of the manufacturer specialized in gaming and high-end, and it proposes us to reach a new level in multi-channel and surround 3D audio. Gets it? We tell you in this analysis.

World Wi-Fi Day 2023World Wi-Fi Day 2023 confirms the importance of this wireless technology. Wired connections are increasingly rare. Wi-Fi has become the main connection system, and we take advantage of its world day to talk about its past, present and future.

Diablo IV screen resolutionGames and screen resolution: basic notions and things you should know. From the simplest to advanced concepts, in this complete informative we give an extensive review of a fundamental aspect but not always well understood, and that has a direct impact on how we enjoy the games.

Flexispot E8Flexispot E8, a lift-up desk that adds value in productivity and health. Do you have to adapt to the layout of your desk? In this case, you will probably be interested in this FlexiSpot proposal, which will also allow you to alternate between working sitting and standing, adjusting to your preferences.

Nfortec SCUTUM X 850 coverNfortec SCUTUM X, analysis: power at a good price and without sacrifices. The power supply plays a key role in the performance and reliability of the PC. We tested this proposal from Nfortec, which seeks a balance between power, reliability and a price that places it within the reach of all pockets. Gets it? You will know if you read this analysis.

What do you know about your graphics card?  GPU-Z tells you everythingWhat do you know about your graphics card? GPU-Z tells you everything. If you want to get all the data, specifications and performance of your graphics card, as well as the effect that different workloads have on it, here we explain how to use what is probably the most complete application for this purpose.

Ford S-MaxFord S-Max, system. Ford’s relationship with minivans and SUVs has been based on excellence over the years, and it has one of the great exponents of this in the S-Max. We tested its most recent version, and we tell you everything you need to know about it.

raise the price of consolesBefore the consoles fell in price over the years, now they are more and more expensive. More than two years after its launch, and contrary to what we’ve seen in previous generations, consoles have gone up in price. Because? For what is this? And, of course, will we soon see a movement in the opposite direction?

Stranded: Alien Dawn, analysis PC: beware of bugs. We have tried Stranded: Alien Dawn, a resource management and survival title presented a few months ago by Frontier Development and Haemimont Games, creators of Surviving Mars, and which offers us a resource management simulator in space.

john wick 4News VOD 25/23: ‘John Wick 4’, devotion to good deeds. What better way to kick off the summer than with the arrival of the latest from Keanu Reeves on Prime Video? Well, preparing a double (or triple) program with other premieres of the week, and here we tell you all.

Free games and offers: theHunter: Call of the Wild, Prey...Free games and offers: theHunter: Call of the Wild, Prey… A somewhat lazy week in terms of free games, but with a title that you can add to your collection without paying a penny. And, of course, a complete selection of offers.

mount PC higher than PS5 and Xbox Series XComponents guide to build a PC far superior to PS5 and Xbox Series X. These are good times, thanks to the drop in the price of components, to assemble a PC for a very good price that offers you performance well above that offered by current generation consoles. Here we show you a configuration of 10.

Other MC content you shouldn’t miss

  • Outlook for Windows will be the default email client
  • This is the SoC M2 Ultra inside, it integrates a total of 10 packages
  • Lower the price of the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti
  • BlackCat threatens to leak stolen Reddit data
  • You can now self-repair your Samsung in Europe
  • No, ChatGPT does not generate Windows 10/11 activation keys
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: leaked features and prices
  • Beware of pirated copies of Windows 10
  • First images of Call of Duty Modern Warfare III 2023
  • World Wi-Fi Day 2023 or the value of wireless
  • Microsoft updates the list of CPUs compatible with Windows 11
  • New Nfortec Krater X, a renewed and improved chassis
  • Opera is already Opera One
  • The first GeForce RTX 4060 are priced at 339 euros
  • Many games promoted by AMD and compatible with FSR do not support DLSS, why?
  • Windows 11 and the emergency restart: what it is and how to use it
  • Last hours to save the occupants of the Titan submersible
  • WhatsApp now allows you to silence calls from strangers
  • Microsoft raises prices for Xbox Series X and Xbox Game Pass
  • Samsung will present the Galaxy Tab S9 tablets at Unpacked
  • Price of Nothing Phone (2), it will be expensive, very expensive
  • ONEXFLY, another portable console to compete with the Steam Deck
  • If Microsoft buys Activision, it will have no PS6 information
  • ASUS Prime N100I-D, a board with a CPU ideal for compacts
  • Xbox has lost the console war, the new generation will arrive in 2028
  • Windows 12 will be free if we upgrade from Windows 11
  • YouTube will automatically dub videos into other languages
  • Opera’s “islands of tabs” in Chrome with this extension
  • Can the Sun leave us without Internet?

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