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We close the news of the week with the usual summary that we publish on Sunday where we include the best content that we have been offering you for the last seven days.

Six myths about graphics cards that we should overcome. The world of technology is full of myths, and within it, graphics cards are one of the components that has been most affected by this reality.

Five reasons why Apple succeeds with ARM on Mac

Five reasons why Apple succeeds with ARM on Mac. Apple is achieving the expected goals with its silicon program. a change in hardware architecture for the Mac, replacing Intel’s x86 processors in favor of ARM’s own designs.


Where are the limits of the original Doom? Doom is one of the most recognized brands in the video game industry. The saga, created by Id Software, gave the definitive starting signal to the shooter genre, but where are its limits?

Three Excel tricks that will make your life easier

Three Excel tricks that will make your life easier. Excel is an application that aims to offer a countless number of options but, at the same time, be friendly to practically all types of users, a challenge that it generally meets quite easily.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes review. A fresh and unexpected twist, both for lovers of the franchise and for fans of the classic musou, in a game that perfectly combines action and strategy.

download managers for windows

The best download managers for Windows. Downloading files from the Internet, especially large ones or when you want to download several of them at the same time, requires a certain type of application, such as download managers.


Five myths about processors that we must forget once and for all. Buying a good processor is cheaper and easier today than it was a couple of years ago, but at the same time it makes making a decision more difficult, since we have more to choose from. And there are myths that can make us wrong.

The invisible agent (The Gray Man)

News VOD 30/22. It brings you the best premieres of the week on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+… And although The Invisible Agent is not the best, it is certainly the most outstanding of a week, again, on the loose side. Or is it the heat?

Google Docs

5 extensions to expand the possibilities of Google Docs. It is one of the most popular word processors and therefore one of the main alternatives to the ubiquitous Microsoft Office Word. Compared to its rival, it stands out for being totally focused on the cloud.

laptop cover

Six Historical Mistakes in Laptop Development. The world of laptops has undergone a huge evolution in the last four decades, but there were also aspects that did not work and should not return.

Fiio K5 Pro ESS

Fiio K5 Pro ESS: a quality DAC for all budgets. More modest in performance than the Fiio K9 Pro, however, for just over 200 euros, it offers us everything we need to enjoy a first-class musical experience.

Jeep Wrangler 4xe 2022, urbanity. From our engine section we recommend this week the analysis of a unique car of its kind, manufactured by a brand that is highly specialized in off-road vehicles, but now with electric mode.

Sonos Roam, design and sound anywhere. To speak of Sonos is to speak of a company that has been able to find this complex combination of technology and design in a market, that of smart speakers, in which competition is fierce.

Reasons to use a VPN

Some reasons to use a VPN. Currently we can find very competitive VPN services in price and features, adapted to all types of devices and that we can activate and deactivate at will with a simple mouse click.

Wi-Fi password in Windows

How to view a saved Wi-Fi password in Windows. From our basic tutorials section we get a method to know the Wi-Fi password in case of forgetting and only using a command from the Windows console.

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In addition to the previous selection, the week has gone a long way and we can highlight a few other articles that we think you will like:

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If MC is the consumer portal, you surely know that our parent company TPNET offers other websites dedicated to companies, professionals, SMEs and channels, in addition to those specialized in security and Linux. We leave you with a selection of the best published content that may be of interest to you.

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