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We close the news of the week with the usual summary that we publish on Sunday where we include the best content that we have been offering you for the last seven days.

Samsung Unpacked. The South Korean giant has held a summer event to present its new generation of folding smartphones, Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4, new Galaxy Watch5 smartwatches and Galaxy Buds2 Pro wireless headphones.

What is holoportation?

What is holoportation? Teleportation or, to be more exact, the teleportation of atoms, and even more so, of structures composed of them, is still not in sight in the short or medium term, and there are quite a few qualified voices that suggest that it will never be possible. Never?

AMD Ryzen 7000 and Zen 4, everything we know. The launch of AMD’s Ryzen 7000 processors is getting closer. AMD itself has given a lot of information in recent weeks, and if we add the leaks to this, we can give you a lot of information.

The day Microsoft saved Apple

The day Microsoft saved Apple. On August 7, 1997, at Macworld in Boston, Jobs received applause, yes, but also an enormous number of boos. Very unfair boos, since he had just saved Apple. Thanks to Microsoft.

After the hurricane

News VOD 33/22. Our weekly special dedicated to series and movies brings you the best new releases of the week on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+… today with After the hurricane occupies the privileged place by discard, although it does not look bad.

windows 11 cover

Five things I like about Windows 11 and three things I don’t. The launch of Microsoft’s most recent operating system took place at the end of last year and the truth is that its arrival was quite a surprise.

Steam Deck

Why do Windows games run so well on the Steam Deck? Valve’s portable console is a device that has surprised more than one because, despite using a Linux distribution, it does so mainly to run Windows video games.

Microsoft defends the purchase of Activision Blizzard

Microsoft defends the purchase of Activision Blizzard. Microsoft has defended this multimillion-dollar purchase operation that can have wide repercussions in the video game industry and in which it accuses Sony of “hypocrisy” for its exclusive games.

GeForce RTX 3090 Ti

GeForce RTX 3090 Ti. To talk about this graphics card is to talk about extreme performance, not in vain this model is the most powerful on the market, it allows you to play with native 4K resolutions and with the high quality that ray tracing allows.

Pentium 5, the processor that could not be

Pentium 5, the processor that could not be. A video recently published on YouTube reminds us of some already known facts, and tells us other very interesting ones about Intel’s plans regarding the Pentium 5, a CPU that never reached the market.

Climate change worsens human diseases

Climate change worsens human diseases. Monkeypox is affecting more and more countries, polio is back, and viruses like COVID-19 are here to stay, adding to the list of infectious diseases. And they are getting worse.

HP Instant Iink back to school

Get ready for back to school with HP Instant Ink Service. Printing is still essential for many households, and also for many professionals. Printing at home is important because it allows us to be independent and helps us save time and money

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