The best contents of the week in MC (CCLXXXIX)

We close the week with the usual summary that we publish on Sunday where we include the best content that we have been offering you during the last seven days.

10 video conferencing applications to stay connected this Christmas. There are ways to stay connected with family and friends this holidays if due to the pandemic we cannot do it physically. We leave you with the best software for it.

Radeon RX 6600

Radeon RX 6600 Review, Review: A Safe Value at 1080p. On October 13, AMD presented the Radeon RX 6600, a graphics card that emerged as a mid-range model aimed, especially, at filling an important gap that we have been dragging for a long time in that range.

Windows 11 and Windows 10

Windows 11 and Windows 10 Together, but not scrambled! Installing Windows 11 and Windows 10 together on the same computer is a good option for users who want to continue using it as their main system, but also want to test the latest developments from Microsoft.

Synology C2

Synology C2, the cloud service to improve NAS. It is a set of cloud solutions designed to meet the storage, backup, data protection, file sharing and password management needs of any type of user or company.


Free apps with OCR. Optical Character Recognition is the mechanical or electronic technology of converting letters so that they can be understood by a machine and here are six free applications with OCR to convert images into text.

The witcher

News VOD 51/21. In our weekly series we tell you the best premieres that Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video or Disney + have produced in movies and series, this week with the second season of The witcher as the protagonist of the cover.


Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (2021) Review. Amazon endorses the maxim of “if it works, do not touch it” and presents a Signature Edition version with few relevant changes compared to the standard PaperWhite, already available for a few months.

The best contents of the week in MC (CCLXXXIX) 36

How to return and refund games on Steam. Just after Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, and with great Christmas offers like those of Steam, there will be no shortage of video game purchases. However, whether they are from others or even for ourselves, many times these gifts are not usually successful.

Farming Simulator 22: I like the smell of diesel in the morning ...

We analyze Farming Simulator 22. My story with Farming Simulator 22 begins hours before dawn, when it is still dark. In the distance I can see some cars go by that, without a doubt, bring and take young people who know themselves owners of the night, among whom from time to time a truck sneaks in.

These are the games that have best implemented ray tracing

These are the games that have best implemented ray tracing. Ray tracing games are no longer the future to become the present. However, its evolution has been quite curious. We will tell you about it and review the best titles in this area.


Retrieve YouTube’s “dislike” counter with this extension. Honoring the prudery that has characterized Google in recent years, the company decided a few weeks ago to remove the “dislike” counter from YouTube videos.

Nothing ear

Nothing ear (1), analysis: a new brand comes to town. With its peculiar name, the Nothing brand seeks to innovate in a product that could seem to give no more than itself, the headphones. These wireless headphones not only have an eye-catching design but also seek to offer the highest sound quality.

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In addition to the previous selection, the week has gone a long way and we can highlight a few other articles that we think you will like:

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If MC is the consumer portal, surely you know that our parent company TPNET offers other websites dedicated to companies, professionals, SMEs or channels, in addition to those specialized in security or Linux. We leave you with a selection of the published content that may be of interest to you.

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