The best contents of the week in MuyPymes

We end one more Sunday with a new review of the best content we have published during the week in MuyPymes, a classic compilation that will allow you to catch up with the most relevant information. As usual, We wish you a good Monday.

  • VideoGaga: the Spanish startup that teaches how to monetize content creation.
  • Ebook: “From teleworking to hybrid work: How to implement a successful strategy in 10 steps”.
  • Critical thinking, problem solving and flexibility: would you include them in your CV?
  • 64% of Spaniards have already acquired a ‘virtual experience’.
  • HP Dev One with Pop!_OS, a Linux-based developer kit.
  • Artificial Intelligence optimizes the payroll of the future.
  • When can the self-employed be deducted for investments in energy efficiency works?
  • 58% of the Spanish population sells products online.
  • Income deductions vary between communities: Castilla-La Mancha at the top, Catalonia at the bottom.
  • Corsair Voyager a1600, a laptop for professional streamers and creators.
  • Liviu Sima, IT Genetics: “Latinos have a more creative and open approach to IT.”
  • Kingston Digital launches an external SSD with touch screen and encryption.
  • ASUS presents the new Expert 2022: This is the lightest 14″ professional laptop in the world.
  • How to survive the income campaign.
  • Unable to retain the talent of your company? We give you some ideas.
  • Kaspersky renews its cybersecurity products and expands controls.
  • Sophos Firewall is updated and improves network performance and resiliency.
  • Microsoft Project Volterra, an ARM-based mini PC for developers.
  • What are the false myths of telemedicine.
  • 70% of Spanish companies pass the digitization exam with flying colours.
  • A look at what’s new in Microsoft 365 in May.
  • Improve the performance of Windows 10 by freeing up RAM.

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