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We end another Sunday with a new review of the best content that we have published in MuyPymes during the week. We keep the usual format, so you can access each article with a simple click. As always, we wish you a good Monday.

  • The companies that led the origin of software as a service (SaaS).
  • ‘Grey routes’ in SMS sending: why they are a threat to business.
  • Consumers demand the return of orders from home and without labels.
  • Half of Spaniards use a digital device to order or pay.
  • Immersed experiences or new forms of consumption: opportunities of the metaverse for business.
  • The video game sector invoices 1,795 million euros in Spain.
  • Extreme Networks introduces the market’s first “outdoor” WiFi-6E access point.
  • QNAP introduces the TS-x64 2.5GbE NAS, a perfect choice for offices and freelancers.
  • Sales of Spanish SMEs increase by 18% compared to 2021.
  • How to optimize the treasury management of your business.
  • Spanish IT companies increase their turnover by 24.8% in one year.
  • Spanish bills grow at a higher rate than their income.
  • The CCaaS market will grow 216%, until the year 2027.
  • Synology expands its catalog of professional solutions for data management.
  • Zyxel updates Nebula, its cloud platform.
  • Digital skills increase wages by 29% in Spain.
  • The different cloud regions that exist, how to choose the best one for your business?
  • ASUS VA27ECPSN, a new professional monitor with IPS panel.
  • ZOTAC ZBOX PRO series PI336 pico PLUS: compact, powerful and fanless.
  • 82% of professionals prioritize innovative technologies to carry out their functions.
  • How can I protect my family heritage?
  • What modalities of payment for use will you find in the market.
  • 62% of the self-employed will pay less in the next three years.
  • Brother introduces new A4 portable thermal printers.
  • Hybrid working would save companies around €10,000 per employee, according to one study.
  • Companies can deduct the salaries of self-employed companies as an expense.
  • Cheap low-power processors: are they a good idea, what are they for?

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