The best contents of the week in MuyPymes

We finish the first week of 2023 with our usual review of the best content that we have published in MuyPymes over the last seven days, a classic where you will find the most important news just a click away.

  • Ecommerce creates 654,000 direct jobs worldwide.
  • X-ray of the situation of electronic invoicing in Europe.
  • The social benefits of companies, a way to fight against inflation.
  • The number of international subsidiaries of Spanish companies rises by 65%.
  • The MiCA regulation will go into effect this year.
  • The future of companies towards a more efficient and inclusive hybrid work model.
  • Tax novelties that the self-employed will have to face this year.
  • Spanish scaleups expect to have grown by more than 50% in 2022.
  • How current inflation affects Spanish families and their consumption.
  • Mental health problems in entrepreneurs: the experience of the founder of Spotahome.
  • The year 2022 ended with 1,204 less self-employed than 12 months before.
  • The investment in Foodtech reaches 268 million euros, in our country.
  • The VAT declaration electronically is already mandatory for all businesses.
  • Video games that provide more skills to workers.
  • Barcelona metro stations already have lockers for collecting products.

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