The best cordless vacuum cleaner deals of Black Friday 2021

Hoover H-FREE 100 Home, the best and most economical option

If you do not want to spend a lot, you do not want to complicate yourself and you want something reliable and that sucks well, nothing better than the Hoover H-100 FREE.

You may not know this brand and this it is the most basic model in the range, but it triumphs with more than 5,000 positive reviews and, in addition, you will find it very low.

40 minutes of battery should be enough, together with its 6,500 Pa of suction. These are enough for a normal house that does not have too special requirements, such as children who destroy everything, carpets that are a jungle or a thousand pets layering everything.

By the way, that Pa are Pascals, is what the suction power is usually measured in (sometimes the watts of air aW are used, as we will also see). And yes, 6,500 is somewhat modest, but it should be enough. Many robot vacuum cleaners are over 2,000 – 4,000, in case that’s useful as a guide.

Normally, it was for 129 euros, but for about 89 or less, don’t even think about it.

Bosch Flexxo Series I 4 BCH3P255, ideal for small floors

If you want a brand, and are willing to invest a little more without asking for a raise, this Bosch Flexxo is a bargain right now.

The battery is excellent, about 55 minutes, the only thing is that it is quite likely that the deposit is what is small, at least if you do not clean often or have a large floor.

But if not, it has always been over 210 euros or more and now you find it for about 135.

Tineco Pure One X, smart and silent

We raised the level somewhat, also in terms of price, but if you were thinking on a budget of around 200 euros, this is the choice. At least in Black friday, because normally this vacuum cleaner is close to 300 euros.

To highlight, your battery more than one hour, which is silent (within what are vacuum cleaners, of course) and also has smart technology.

Tineco claims that the vacuum cleaner detects dirt and, based on that, the machine adjusts the suction power automatically.

Dreame T30 Mistral, for those who have no budget problem

Let’s see, luxury and vacuum cleaner are two terms that do not usually go in the same phrase, but if you are a foodie and need suction power, then we recommend the Dreame T30 Mistral.

It is usually sold for about 459 euros, but Now it is for 367, so it is almost 100 euros in savings.

In exchange for that you take 190 aW suction which, considering that 25 aW is recommended for a normal house, they will be able to with everything you throw at it, including carpets and disastrous accidents. What’s more, hour and a half of battery life in its Eco mode, for when cleaning is lighter.

At least Dreame acknowledges that, in turbo mode, you eat the battery in 7 minutes and i guess you also generate a wormhole where you suck.

As you can see, options are not lacking and, we are sorry to be the bearers of the bad news, but you have to clean the house. With these cordless vacuum cleaners, at least, you will do it impeccably saving the most.

This content has affiliate links. It is possible that El Output will receive a small commission if you buy something of what we show you and finally decide that your room is not a den. However, no brand or economic interest has influenced the selection, rather it has been to burn the eyelids analyzing price histories so that you get the best discount.

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