The best Corsair power supplies, now on sale

We have, on the one hand, the power supply Corsair RM550x, which offers us a 550W power. Then we have the Corsair RM650i that offers us a 650W power. Both are characterized by being 80 Plus Gold certified and being modular, although they have notable differences.

Corsair RM550x, a very good quality solution

The power supply is usually held in low regard and little is invested in it. Many buy very cheap products of dubious quality and to know if the certification is true. This is a mistake, since in the end, the power supply is the most important, not only because it supplies power to the rest of the components, but also protects them.

This power supply Corsair belongs to the range RMSeries, which is characterized in that all they are modular and the components are of higher quality. Not to say that the rest of Corsair’s power supplies are bad, just that this one uses slightly superior capacitors and transistors.

Has certification 80 Plus Goldwhich indicates that it offers us a minimum efficiency of 87%. Which tells us that only 13% of the energy (or less) is transformed into heat and lost. This is a physical phenomenon that occurs in electricity and that can be “mitigated” but cannot be suppressed.

In addition, it is Gold certified by cyberneics for offering a efficiency between 87-91%. It also has an A- certification, which has to do with loudness, being between 25-30 dBA. The loudness refers to the fan.

Regarding the characteristics of the source, it has a single 12v rail that offers us a maximum power of 550 W. It has a 135mm fan with 0dB technology, which means that up to 50% of the load, it does not work. It has two PCIe connectors and seven SATA connectors, as well as two EPS12V connectors and a 24-pin ATX connector. It also has the required protections to preserve the components.

If you are looking for a quality power supply for many years, this is an excellent option. In addition, being completely modular, we will connect only the power cables that we need.

Corsair RM650i with support for Link technology

We now turn to a somewhat particular power supply, since it allows monitoring and customization. Corsair allows you to make adjustments to the power supply. By means of the Corsair Link technology we can see the power consumption of the system and the load at the different voltages.

This power supply offers us a 650W power and features a 135mm fan for cooling. Like most of the brand’s power supplies, it has 0 dB technology. What is achieved with this is that the supply fan does not work until a certain load is not reached.

One of its most interesting features is Corsair Link. Through the company’s software we can monitor the energy supply at all times. In addition, we can see the quality of the supplied voltage. As if that were not enough, it allows you to choose between the 12V multi-rail mode or opt for a monorail system.

The Corsair font arrives with 80 Plus Gold Certified and it is completely modular. It has a 24-pin ATX cable and an 8-pin EPS for the processor. Additionally, it has four PCI power connectors for the graphics card and 8 SATA power connectors.

We are talking about a power supply with higher quality features designed for those who want to better manage their energy supply. It is a very high quality font that offers things that very few offer on the market.

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