The best deals on robot vacuum cleaners this Black Friday

OKP K3, the cheapest floor cleaner

If you want spend the minimum, but have everything, the OKP K3 combines suction, sweep and scrubbed of floors, being able to use a damp mop for that.

Also, it is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, so you can’t ask for more for 99 euros. Its usual price is between 170 and 180, so you have it almost half.

Vileda VR 201 PetPro, the most economical option for those who have pets

If you don’t want to spend too much and, above all, do you have a pet (and hair everywhere), the Vileda VR 201 is your option.

With a tank large enough to fit the coat of hair that your dog releases (in addition to an hour and a half of autonomy) it is the option for those who want to start with these robots and demand power.

For about 140 euros or less you have a good discount compared to its usual price, which is around 180-200 euros.

Cecotec Conga 1990 Connected, does it all for little money

Little money is about 200 euros, but if you find stocks of the 1990 model Connected, don’t even think about it, because it usually sells for about 300 and they are flying.

The Valencian brand Cecotec has triumphed with its Conga series of robot vacuum cleaners and 1990 is an example of good work. This robot not only sweeps and vacuums, also mop and scrub.

The subject of scrubbing in these robots is complicated. Of course, if you have wooden or imitation floors, don’t even think about it, better leave it for ceramic floors such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Compatible with Alexa and Google, It is the best-selling model of Cecotec this Black friday and it does not surprise us with the great discount it has. The rest of the brand’s models are also a recommended option, but they are not so discounted.

Roomba 692 from iRobot, economy version of the leading brand

If iRobot was able to clean up the Fukushima nuclear power plant (and expose Japanese robotics, which collapsed when it came in contact with radiation), maybe it can also clean up your house.

Therefore, if you want to choose the original brand, we recommend this Roomba 692. For 199 euros, it is great and is compatible with Alexa and Google. It is true that it is not its lowest price, but almost. It is usually more for 240 and even 299 euros, so this Black friday it’s a great opportunity to reject imitations and have a real Roomba.

Seriously, I had the first one that was released in Spain a thousand years ago. He was very silly, but he made a fool of the rest when it came to cleanliness.

Dreame L10, floor cleaner and power of 4000 Pa

The Dreame brand may not sound like much to you, but it is an expert in vacuuming and cleaning. Their cordless vacuum cleaners are very good and that experience has been passed on to robots.

This Dreame L10 sweeps, scrubs and vacuums with no less than 4000 Pa power (that’s Pascals, and robots usually have about 2,500 or so, so this Dreame is on another level).

It is true that we go from 310 euros, but it is usually around 399So that’s a good discount if you want a higher level.

As you can see, there is no excuse. Robot vacuum cleaners have become a member of the house, so, with these discounts of Black friday, maybe it’s time to expand the family.

This article contains affiliate links. The Output may receive some commission if you buy what we have selected for you, but at no time, or under any circumstances, has this influenced the models chosen.

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