The best external SSD for Mac and iPad is now on sale

What an accessory of this type can offer you

There are many advantages that these accessories can offer. Both the one that we are going to value in this article for being on sale, as well as others of that type, are compatible with Mac, iPad and even computers with Windows. In the case of Apple tablets, it must be said that it will be with those who have USB-C, which are currently the iPad Pro 2018, 2020 and 2021, as well as the iPad Air 2020. When it comes to Macs there are no restrictions.

The main advantages that we find in an SSD is that are faster than an external hard drive classic, something extremely remarkable when it comes to transferring data. It also has as a positive point the fact that they are more resistant that these others and above have a more compact size that not only do not bother when they are being used, but when it comes to storing or transporting them they are extremely comfortable. The other advantages related to its functionality are also interesting and that is that with an external disk of this type you can make a security copy of your files, although it will also serve to store documents that do not fit on your computer or tablet, being therefore ideal for equipment with little storage space.

What offers does this SSD have right now?

External SSD drives have a price that is usually higher than HDDs, but we think it is worth it for the advantages mentioned above. The one from SanDisk currently has very interesting discounts depending on the version chosen. The most basic are those with 520 Mb / s and that despite having a lower discount, are cheaper. Despite not having the best speed, it might be more than enough for most. However, the biggest discounts are in higher speed versions, with which we can reach save up to 185 euros as you can see in this summary of discounts that we offer you below.


  • Versions with 520 Mb / s speed:
    • 1 TB of storage: 5.73 euros discount
    • 2 TB of storage: 20 euros discount
  • Versions with 1,050 Mb / s speed:
    • 500 GB of storage: 17 euros discount
    • 1 TB of storage: 8.23 euros discount
    • 4 TB of storage: 185 euros discount
  • Versions with 2,000 Mb / s speed:
    • 1 TB of storage: 12.22 euros discount

Remember that these offers could change soon, since they are usually very volatile. So if you are thinking of taking advantage of them, we recommend you hurry. Remember that if you are not satisfied you will have 30 days to return it and get a full refund. If not you will have 2 years warranty to deal with any possible problems that may arise.

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