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As we said, for those of us who are fond of this sport, it is very interesting to follow the Twitter profiles that we show you below.

On the one hand, if you don’t want to lose yourself League details, many of the accounts of this social network are dedicated weekly to inform us of each game that is played. Or, even, the classifications or statistical data such as possession, shots on goal and others in each game. Come on, similar to a “minute and result.”

There are also profiles that publish anecdotes, data or curiosities about the history of football. Something that surely many fans find it curious and interesting.

And of course, now that it is so fashionable sports bets, if you want to be aware of all the relevant data to try to make the right choice, of course you could be aware through Twitter.

Best Twitter accounts about soccer

Well, now is the time for us to “introduce” you to those soccer Twitter accounts that every soccer fan should follow.

Central Judge (@Judgecentral)

The first of the football-related accounts that you should already be following on Twitter is that of Central Judge. This profile is responsible for publishing curious facts and anecdotes about the world of soccer on a global scale. Stories for the most nostalgic, iconic moments of teams and footballers or the memory of great icons that are no longer with us are the assets of this profile on the social network of the blue bird. At the moment it has an amount of almost a million followers.

Spanish Soccer Team (@Football)

For the followers of the Spanish Soccer Team this profile is a must. All the news, news and movements of our selection collected as tweets. Photographs, videos and many more interesting posts to follow the news of La Roja. This profile has 2.3 million followers currently.

The League In Numbers (@laligaennumeros)

And, on the other hand, if you want to know the results, numbers, data and other information in reference to the Spanish league, you should follow the account of The League in Numbers. And if the data falls short, you can always visit their own website where they collect even more information. This account is already followed more than 100,000 people.

Futsal in numbers (@FutsalEnNumeros)

Good football is not only played on grass pitches and a profile like Futsal in Numbers proves it. From the creators of the previous profile that we showed you comes this other account where, as you can imagine, all the data, information, statistics and much more of Futsal internationally are listed. Of course, this account is followed by somewhat less public, being about to reach the 4,000 followers On twitter.

Soccer Coaching (@coachingfutbol)

Not only soccer fans can it be interesting to follow one of these Twitter profiles, the professional sector also has a place. If you are a coach of this discipline you should follow the account of Soccer Coaching, where a large number of exercises, tactics, methodology, templates and much more are shown to become the best. This profile is already followed by more than 70,000 people.

Soccer session (@Footballs)

Something similar to what we saw with the previous account is what you will find through the profile of Football. A very interesting list of exercises, techniques, strategies and everything relevant for a soccer coach who wants to manage his team in a simple and productive way. This account is already followed by more than 21 thousand fans of the beautiful sport.

Old Football Pictures (@ OldFootball11)

Nostalgic for football, the account of Old Football Pictures It will cause a flood of memories to invade your body. Here thousands of photos, videos and information of the best years in the beginnings of this sport are collected. Mustaches, long sideburns and wide kits that will remind you of where your passion for football began, as well as some curious anecdote or memory. As you can imagine, this account is quite popular within the social network of the blue bird, with more than 82 thousand followers.

Pedro Martin (@Pedritonumeros)

Sports journalist Pedro Martin It has also been leaving its mark within this social network for more than 10 years. If you want to be aware of statistical data and important information about football news, it is an account that you should already follow the same as the nearly 120,000 they already have.

David Mosquera (@renaldinhos)

However, if what you are looking for are humorous comments and know the biggest gaffes when making signings, you should take a look at the profile of David mosquera. His renaldinhos account is the ideal one to give us a laugh, full of memes and uncomfortable moments of this world. Your account is already followed by 28,000 users.

MisterChip Alexis (@ 2010MisterChip)

Another of the accounts of a sports journalist that could be interesting to you is that of Mister Chip, that is, Alexis. A professional who works at Onda Cero, ESPN and AS. Through their post we can see many well thought out comments about the matches of the moment, interesting statistics, reports, advances or bets that you should take into account if you like the world. Without a doubt, a more than relevant account about football that is already followed by more than 3 million people.

Soccer Tips (@FootballTips)

Finally, if what interests you is to be aware of all the data in relation to international football, you should take a look at the account of Soccer Tips. A profile where a lot of interesting information is collected from the successive days, images, anecdotes, team updates and statistics. This account is already followed by more than 185,000 users via Twitter.

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